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How to Wear a Sweater Vest This Fall

For decades, the sweater vest has acted as sartorial shorthand for "Poindexter," but labels like E. Tautz, Orley, and Saint Laurent are making a strong case for its revival. If you pick one up, make it solid (stripes, argyle, and Fair Isle patterns tend toward the professorial). Keep the look clean and minimal, so you come off more Eastwood and Brando, less Cunningham and Kotter.

Why You Should Buy Your Fall Clothes Right Now

Now, while it's still smoking hot outside, is the perfect time to to pick up your fall gear, from wool sweaters to down jackets to tweed trousers, to, yes, even topcoats. Here's why. 
All of the Best Gear Is in Stores Now
Right now, stores like Barney's, Union Los Angeles, and online retailer Mr Porter are getting all of their awesome Fall-Winter 2015 collections by the boatload each and every day. The best of the best from high-end designers like Saint Laurent, Raf Simons, Gucci, and Tom Ford is yours for the taking, but only for a brief time. That means come October, that camel-hair topcoat you were drooling over now will almost surely be gone in your size. Waiting for things to go on sale can be cost-effective, but can literally leave you out in the cold. 
Shopping for Cold Weather Gear Sucks When It's Cold Outside 
Heading to the store for a new coat when you need a new coat is a perfect recipe for copping something you don't really want, but buy out of desperation. The same goes for cold weather gear like hats, gloves, and scarves. You want to buy your winter essentials—the stuff that separates the stylish from the swagless— when you can think clearly about which ones are going to look best on you come winter. 
It Gives You a Chance to Return Items
Buying stuff early also allows you to sit on all your new purchases and reflect, deciding whether or not they were actually wise choices. At the end of the season, you may hold onto that insanely ugly sweater either because it was on sale (and thus non-returnable), or because you're simply too lazy to brave the cold to bring it back to the store.
Camouflage Print Shoes Are Fast Becoming a Trend

Contrary to its name, camouflage is being spotted almost everywhere. Once reserved for battlefields is now hipster irony and making magazine headlines everywhere and being adorned on every occasion you can think of.


If you are tired of following the same current fashion rules of denim with white tees and printed tees with sports jackets, exactly like everyone else, here is your chance to stand out of the crowd with camouflage print shoes.


While many don’t find the camo print favoring or being in sync with their personal style, yet they want to make a fashion statement without having to look like they are preparing for a paint ball match. For exactly that, the camouflage print shoes works best. You can put on any outfit, may it be worn out jeans or black tights –and slip on some camouflage printed shoes as a sure way to give you a classy look, one that will turn heads.


Military style patterns are taking the fashion world by storm in such a way that the major runway label designers like Christopher Kane and Michael Kors showcased prints that were military pattern inspired only with variations of neon colors and incorporated in jackets and tops, making the pattern look so lavishly brilliant apart from having fashion enthusiasts all over the world view it in a different light.
Ariele Ella, the co curator of ‘Trendology’ exhibit at FITM (Fashion Institute of Technology Museum), dubbed the style a “parental trend”. It is apparently high time that it got back.
Now according to WGSN, the trend casting firm, the use of camouflages has soared up to 73%. But just because all the cool people are doing it, does that mean that you should too?
Not exactly the same way you don’t. You want to look chic, and not be mistaken for a soldier, a hunter, or a fanatic. Your camos should come in cleverly down played as an accessory and not over stated like a real camouflage. In fact, the promise of this style is so potent that you can make your look work if you simply don a watch and shoes over whatever you are wearing right now.
The tough and rugged look that you get wearing camo shoes is all anyone needs to pull off any outfits. Today, we are all about tailored style and personal look, with only inspiration from the fashion staples. No wonder the fashion runways have variations. The same is the case with camo shoes. A pair of branded pants may be giving you that urban roguish outlook you are going for, but a pair of these shoes will give you that classy edge and take your overall look a step ahead.
J. Crew is Developing New Budget-Friendly Label

After a challenging year of struggling sales, product quality concerns, criticism for its heavy-handed promotions, plus major leadership changes and staff cut-backs, J.Crew is hoping to turn things around. Looking to target a more cost-conscious customer, the retailer is developing a lower-priced line that can better compete with the fast-fashion players in the industry.
The new budget-friendly label, J.Crew Mercantile, features updated basics and modern classics for men and women, designed with J.Crew's signature elevated preppy aesthetic, but at prices akin to those you might find at Zara or COS. Think: Breton stripe knits, crisp shirts, and perfectly-worn denim. The selection is currently available exclusively through outlet stores and the Factory website, which is touted as "The Home of J.Crew Mercantile," but the line's first dedicated brick-and-mortar location is scheduled to open in Dallas, Texas in late July.
Style Tips for Larger Guys

We know, at times, it can be hard to be a fashion forward guy who, for whatever reason, who comes man sized.  I'm not talking about the little guys, or the average sized guys who can find whatever they they want at whatever store like Abercrombie and H&M.  This article is for the plus size, or man sized guys, wether they be "big boned" or  carry a few extra pounds. 
With a few tips and tricks you can still look great, no matter your body type.  
Clothes the right size -  try not to use that shirt you love, but does not serve you anymore. The same goes for any piece too tight.  Stay away from huge baggy clothes, they only call greater attention to the obvious.  
Tom Ford Turned His Apple Watch into a Pocket Watch

Tom Ford, the fashion genius and ageless wonder, has reportedly turned his Apple Watch into a pocket watch. Depending on one's perspective, this innovation is either totally awesome or a great way to make a $350 tamagotchi. No word on what this does for the health tracking benefits, but we're guessing it doesn't measure Tom's heart rate all that accurately. And, cool or not, we must ask: If you have to keep your Apple Watch in your pocket, why not just simplify your life and use your phone? You know, the one that's already in your pocket to begin with.  

Is this a new trend in the making or nah?
How to Pick the Right Swimsuit for Your Body

Summer is here in full effect.  And, finding the right swimsuit for your body is hard. Sometimes very hard. Maybe those horizontal stripes are making your frame look wider than it is. Maybe your skinny legs are lost in giant board shorts. Maybe you didn't know that no man's swim trunks should ever fall below his knees, a tragic phenomenon that only makes the wearer look dumpy, short, and clueless.
Givenchy Polo

We saw this on the runway, and we couldn't wait to see it up close.   This unique take on the striped polo, with a chest stripe, make you look like you have a better physique—It’s very masculine, very varsity-athletic, and makes you look like you have a broader chest. This is a little more conversational than wearing a plain black polo shirt.  

The price though is an eye popping $665, available at Mr Porter
Shade: PINE Eyewear

PINE is the "it" eyewear company of the moment. The handmade Japanese brand is different from any other eyewear brand you may check out. It successfully fuses nature with urban influences, all the while embodying Japanese culture to create highly detailed masterpieces.
In addition to making cool eyewear, the PINE also has a clothing line that will rival the most fashionable menswear houses.  

2ft5: Redefining Urban Wear

2ft5 apparel is redefining urban wear by their own standards in an edgy unapologetic way with eye catching gear that is sometimes provocative and sometimes socially conscience.

"We want people to be themselves regardless of who they are and how they live. 2ft5 is all about expression," says Kyle Washington, Creative Director for the 3-year-old brand. 

"Our focus is to traffic pure high quality product that provokes conversation and expression to those who appreciate originality and authenticity," Washington added.
Made In Suede

The classic denim-jacket shape for men gets an upgrade this season in buttery, sumptuous leather and natural tones.  This season several designers --Maison Kitsune, Tom Ford, Michael Bastian, and Saint Laurent-- have updated the jacket in a variety of colors and slight designs.
First Look at Kanye West + Adidas Collaboration

Yesterday afternoon, Kanye West and adidas invited a select group of fashion insiders, media, and other notable industry figures to a clandestine showing of the first-ever collection between the brand and hip-hop artist/designer. The inaugural offering is officially called YEEZY Season 1, and while apparel is the focus of the collaboration, some footwear is to be seen as well. Mr. West seized the moment to formally introduce his adidas Yeezy 750 Boost (the high-top) sneaker, but revealed at this show are two different woven low-tops of the Yeezy Boost sneakers. Release dates for those models have not been set just yet, but the Yeezy 3 will officially release at select stores on Saturday, February 14th (adidas’ reservations are all booked).

Video unveil here.
Strike a New Cord with Corduroy!

If you're looking for a new fall suit that will elevate your style, stave off the cold, preserve the integrity of your savings account, and make girls want to touch your triceps area while gently cooing to themselves, well then, compadres, it's corduroy time. Even though it's warm and sturdy, corduroy is affordable, because it's usually made from humble cotton. It also has those nifty ridges (your tailor calls them wales) that feel crazy-soft and make your look three-dimensional.
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