Spring is here and to go along with your “Spring cleaning” obligations, here are a few steps to make your warmer-weather-grooming-transition easier.
Face & Body
Two things that are a must as temperatures increase: An upgraded moisturizer w/SPF and an exfoliant. An exfoliant helps to keep the extra oil your body produces in warmer climates at bay, and the upgrade in SPF reduces your doctor’s visits!
  • Use a Face Balm w/ at least SPF 15  
  • Use a Facial Moisturizer w/ at least SPF 15  
  • Use a Daily Moisturizer w/ at least SPF 30 
  • Face Scrub  
  • Exfoliating Facial Scrub 
  • Body Scrub
If you’re one of those guys that likes to give your face a break from shaving during the cooler days, it can definitely make the Spring transition a sensitive one. Here’s how to make your first shave the best of many for the warmer days ahead!
  • The Removal - first remove the bulk of the beard before even thinking about putting a razor to your face… An inexpensive pair of trimmers or clippers will do the trick!
  • Step 2. Wash & Scrub - Months of beard growth can sometimes increase dead skin build-up. Tackle the issue of dirt and grime all at once with an item that cleanses and exfoliates.  
  • Step 3. The Oil - Use a pre-shave oil.  This will trap the moisture on the skin, lift the hairs, and most importantly – protects the skin!    
  • Step 4. The Shave Cream - Use a shaving cream that produces a moisture rich protective lather.
  • Step 5. “The Healer” - There’s nothing worse than being reminded why you don’t shave once you’ve built up the courage to do it again. Using an after shave balm that heals, moisturizes and prevents irritation like ingrown hairs is a definite “must have”!  
No matter what your hair type, the increase in humidity during the spring will affect your hair. Now, whether it’ll be in a positive manner is purely up to you!  Because hair can become a bit unruly as a result of the hair absorbing nature’s moisture, consider using products specifically designed to combat unruly and frizzy hair while maintaining moisture balance.


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