I asked my barber his advice for anyone trying to change up their look or working with a new barber.  Here's what he said: I get many visits from guys who are looking for a make-over or simply a “new-look”. So when I get questions from about how to get their barbers to deliver the best haircut for them, I start with one simply word – Communication.
I know I may sound like a relationship counselor or your wife or girlfriend, but truthfully, the only way to get a great haircut is to explain what you want carefully.  I always appreciate when my clients
have a picture of what they would like.  Also, make sure your barber or stylist listens and can confidently communicate back to you how they are going to achieve that look for you. Otherwise you might have another surprise waiting!
Also keep in mind that not every hairstyle/haircut will work for all face-shapes and your personal style. So make sure that your barber can steer you in the right direction on how it should look on you, and not how it shows in a magazine.
Quite honestly, it is just as simple as that.

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  1. Barbers and stylist are trained and paid to make you look good and will know what styles best frame your face and enhance your features. When your stylist makes a suggestion, give it a try. You should always make an effort to treat your barber or stylist with respect and a friendly attitude. The Florida Barber Academy also serves as a full-service barber clinic.


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