Mr. Hare's Derby Shoe

The Mr Hare Men's Bernard Derby Shoe for autumn/winter12, seen here in plum.

Marc Hare, the man behind Mr Hare creates flawless footwear, made from Italian calf leather, using the finest Italian product techniques available. A new design for autumn/winter 12 is a classic Derby style, that is shorter in length with a rounder toe then previous seasons, for a more informal look.

The simple lace-up allows the polished high-quality leather and The shoe is a versatile style that will walk you from the most exclusive of clubs, to the grimmest of pubs, and everything in between. In a rich plum colour the style is a versatile autumnal addition and is built on a sturdy rubber lug sole.

Made in Italy these shoes come with a protective dust bag (about $536).
Frank Ocean Drops New Song "Wiseman"

Frank Ocean surprises fans with a new track released via his Tumblr. Seemingly titled “Wiseman” (as revealed by a screen shot of the lyrics also posted on the artist’s Tumblr), the song outlines some of Ocean’s characteristic existential themes such as the true definition of a “strong man.” The caption for the song reads, “Django was ill without it,” which alludes to the track’s initial purpose as a part of the new Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained. Sonically speaking, the song is driven by a reverb-heavy guitar, underlined by moments of heavy bass. In true Frank Ocean form, the track is brought to a conclusion through a gentle piano finale and solo bass portion that ends the track mid-sentence.  

You can hear the song here.
Gift Cards Make the Perfect Gift for Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

Christmas is just a few days away, and as always you’ve waited until the very last minute. The stores are overcrowded, filled with rude last-minute shoppers, and everything left has pretty much been rummaged through—shopping at this point is not an option. So what are you going to do? The answer is simple. Give gift cards.
Yes, gift cards can be a little impersonal and they don’t require much thought. But consider this, who doesn’t enjoy a little shopping of their own? Everyone does! Take a few minutes to consider who’s on your list and give gift cards according to personality. Your friends and family will love shopping and buying what they want at their leisure.  So don’t let the hustle and bustle of last-minute shopping deter you from giving a cool gift.
One of My Favorite Things:  Menaji Face & Body Scrub

If you've ever watched Oprah for any period of time you'll know that she often talks about her "favorite things".  Well, I've been using Menaji Skincare's Face & Body Scrub for a few months now, and I'm ready to declare that this product is one of my favorite things!

Admittedly, I've been one of those guys who didn't think my face needed any special attention besides soap and water.  But, from time-to-time, I've dabbled with a product or two for special occasions.  Some of these products have cost a nice piece of change and have made some pretty incredible claims.

The Menaji Face & Body Scrub, which I've primarily used as a facial scrub over the past few months is by far the best facial scrub I've ever used.
4 Easy Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Equipment at Your Gym

With New Years right around the corner many of you will, no doubt, will resolve to get healthier and fitter in the new year.  And, many of you will, no doubt, venture into a gym and become intimidated by the maze of equipment. So you'll , no doubt, head to the familiar and friendly treadmill to get your bearings, and bide some time in order to figure things out... 
The task of figuring out how to use a piece of equipment can seem daunting, but exercise machines are designed to be very user-friendly. Here are 4 tips so you will never again have to be afraid or embarrassed to try a new piece of equipment.
  1. Machines are often grouped together by muscle group – You don’t have to search around to find two different leg machines. This is because the machines that work your legs are likely in close proximity to each other. The same goes for the rest of your major muscle groups like chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. But how will you know which machine works each muscle group? The next tip has the answer.
  2. Each machine has easy to follow directions – Every machine has a placard, or sign, on it that gives you step-by-step directions about how to safely use it and which muscle groups it targets.  Concerned about your form? Keep reading…
The Perfect, Free Smartphone Stand

Who says cassettes have no purpose these days? As it turns out, a case for a Mini-DV tape is the perfect size to act as a smartphone stand.
You’ve probably got one of these laying around, just use the case for your brother-in-law’s cousins graduation or whatever tape you’re never going to look at again, turn it inside out and you’re good to go. An audio cassette case works too if that’s all you have.
It’s sturdy. It’s the perfect angle. It’s cheap.
Strategies to Help You Avoid Colds This Winter

With the arrival of winter and the cold and flu season only a few days away,its not to late to put in place a strategy to avoid getting sick.  To be fair, colds can occur throughout the year because they are caused by viruses, which can thrive and spread year around. There are over 200 viruses that can actually cause cold symptoms–sneezing, coughing, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, mild headache, body aches and low-grade fever. These symptoms can last up to 2 weeks.  And they’re the leading cause of doctor visits, which can result in missed days of work or school.
Here are some tips to help you get through winter:
  1. Wash you hands. Use soap and water or waterless hand sanitizers. When using waterless hand sanitizers, for best results rub your hands together until dry.
  2. Dodge germs. Try to avoid close contact with people who have colds or upper respiratory infections. It’s typically not hard to figure out who they are.
A Few Relationship Truths You Need to Know

Fellow blogger Michele from Black'n Bougie today shared some of the 12 relationship truths that everyone needs to know. Though, she in no way claims to be a relationship expert, life , indeed, teaches you a lot about the game of love (and war).  Here are a few points from her list: 
1. Yes, you are a prize but not for every damn body. Each of you individually is a prize... for someone. Maybe two or three someones but not for everybody.

2. Just because someone is a "good" man or woman, does not mean they are "good" for you.

3. Liking someone, lusting for someone and loving someone are not the same thing. Unless they come as a package deal for both parties in which case, when's the wedding?

4. If you've had three or more failed relationships in a row, you are the common denominator. (looks in mirror, sticks out tongue) #Arithmetic

5. Grown men and women in committed relationships cannot be stolen from one and other. Someone makes the conscious decision to leave.
Here's the full article here, read it. It could save you some trouble. Feel free to share in the comment section some of the relationship truths you've learned over the years? 
Master-piece "Haze" Collection Bag

Japanese luggage maestro maestro master-piece adds this Haze design--a cotton camouflage-styled collection of swanky baggage options for your portering needs.  The Haze collection features textured cotton camouflaged prints, high-qualtiy extremely durable Cordura fabric, handles and wheels.  It also features minialist aesthetics, and the clever concealment of multiple storage spaces.  Prices range from $250-$1,060 USD and can be had by visiting the company's online catalog.  
How to Score the Perfect Date

According to the US Census, 45% of US residents report that they are currently single.  This suggests that quite a few Americans could probably use a few tips on how to meet someone and score their next night (without sounding like a pick-up artist), especially during this holiday season.  So here goes:

1) Your appearance is your first impression.
This should come as no surprise. You should be presenting the best version of yourself and that means being well-groomed and well-dressed. 

2) Body language speaks volumes.
Stand up straight. Posture is one of the first things that will set you apart from the slouching masses. And smile—it's way more inviting and makes you seem that much more interesting. Then look for visual cues. If you've got your eye on someone and they keep making eye contact, take that as a positive sign.

3) Make the first move.
This is where most men try and play it safe. Don't use a "line" or try to be funny. Be direct. Tell them you noticed them from across the room and wanted to introduce yourself. If they're receptive, then move forward.
IPhone Coming to T-Mobile in 2013

T-Mobile next year will begin offering the Apple iPhone in a way that the industry hasn't seen before, said T-Mobile CEO John Legere.  Legere said that phone T-Mobile planned to offer the iPhone and iPad  at prices and plans that beat the rest of the industry.
The carrier expects to "announce official iPhone distribution in early 2013," according to sources.  
T-Mobile is the only one of the four major U.S. carriers to not offer the iPhone.  In May, the company announced that it would spend $4 billion to ramp up its 4G LTE network, giving it the ability to carry the iPhone 5 in more markets.  
Guard Against Overpaying on Holiday Air Travel

Traveling during the holiday season?  Here's one way you can make sure you don't overpay on your airline ticket -- keep an eye on the price.  Most airlines and online travel agencies will give you a rebate -- usually in travel credits or vouchers -- if your flight’s price drops below what you paid. will send you alerts if the price drops on a flight you've booked. Be aware, though, that some airlines can charge hefty fees for re-booking your flight. If the fee outweighs your rebate, it's not worth it to make a change.
How NOT to Waste Money During the Holidays

The holidays can put a big dent in anyone's bank account.  In fact, consumers are expected to spend nearly $750, on average, this year on gifts, decorations, greeting cards, food, candy and more, according to the National Retail Federation. That's not small change.

Sure, it's the season of giving, and you might feel compelled to spend more than you do during the rest of the the year to spread holiday joy.  But if you use the holidays as an excuse to abandon good financial habits, you can easily spend too much.  

Here are a few tips to avoid ending up in the poor house at the end of the year:

1) Set a budget.
Take some time to write down all the extra things you'll be paying for -- such as the restaurant meals you'll eat while out shopping, ingredients for holiday goodies that you'll make for friends and family, postage for holiday cards, cab rides home for late-night parties, and the list goes on. Set a spending limit and keep tabs so that you don't exceed it and end up without enough cash in your account to pay bills. 
Form & Function:  Military Inspired Sweaters

There are times when you need a sweater that's more rugged than your average cardigan. Something stealthy, that keeps you warm while looking cool. San Francisco based Triple Aught Design is the master of products that perfectly mix looking sharp while being ready to conquer whatever badassery you have planned. Their Special Service Sweater is a prime example. Since the temperature has dipped, we've been test driving one in a number of environments (to great results). Styled after the traditional British Wooly Pully sweater, which has been standard issue for their special forces for decades, this modern take has a streamlined, athletic fit. Tailored but comfortable, it also fits nicely under a jacket without getting all bunched up. Knit from a hearty moisture-wicking merino wool, it has a high collar and a heavy-duty zipper along with reinforced elbows and shoulders. Put all of this together and it's tough to know why no one else thought of this sooner.  
World AIDS Day Turns 25

Today marks World AIDS Day, an annual public health initiative to raise awareness about and mobilize support for combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic around the globe. The good news is significant advances in HIV research and treatment suggest that an “AIDS-free generation” may be in sight.  Until there's a cure, if you are infected take care of yourself.  If you are negative continue to protect yourself.  Let's all continue to support one another.
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