Del Toro Skull Studs Slipper

Del Toro has released this pair of smart looking all-black slippers. Dubbed the Skull Studs Slipper, this pair features a striking premium black Nappa leather upper punctuated by the use of black metal skull studs. Black grosgrain trim surrounds the edges for a bit of added comfort and Del Toro’s signature red grosgrain stripe on the heel to liven things up a bit. A leather sole and lining ensures you’ll be walking in comfort when you slip these on. 

The Del Toro Skull Studs Slipper is available now at Del Toro’s online store for $375 USD.

Fashion Tips for Thick Guys

It’s not easy out there for large men, since whether short or tall, most fashion forward clothes aren’t necessarily designed with you in mind. However, there are a few tricks to create slimness through small details that trick the eye through illusion, or distraction:
  • Vertical Lines: Subtle vertical lines can draw the eye up, creating the artificial thinness. Be careful though, because if the lines are too bold or wide they will emphasize your weight, not conceal it.
  • The Undershirt: Try and wear an undershirt when you can – especially when wearing a dress shirt – since it will create an even silhouette to dress over.
The Best Foods for your Health

The very best experts in the world discuss what they eat

Say you have an opportunity to strike up a conversation with  the country’s leading cardiologists, or a worldfamous cancer researcher, or a nationally recognized obesity expert.  

Wouldn’t you just love to ask them—based on their extensive knowledge of disease and its causes—what they eat every day, how learn how they exercise, what supplements they take?   Well, consider your curiosity satisfied. Mens Health Magazine rounded up the country’s top doctors and asked them some pretty questions you wanted answered. 

1) Antiaging

Nicholas Perricone, M.D., board-certified clinical and research dermatologist and author of Forever Young 

Dr. Perricone was one of the first experts to promote an anti-inflammatory diet for healthy skin and a healthy body.  “Eating anti-inflammatory foods at every meal—fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, whole grains—is key.”  
How to Pull Off Colored Denim

You love when your girlfriend rocks her skinny red jeans—but pulling off the color-below-the-belt-look isn’t just for the ladies.  Making the most of the runway trends starts with building a body your proud of.  
Here are four ways to make a seemingly tricky trend simple. Hint: It’s about more than just the pants themselves.
Select the Best ColorElectric blue, yellow, and salmon are great summer colors, but this season, try something a little darker and muted. Think: dark purple, tan, forest green, navy, and burgundy. These colors were all over the fall runways, and jewel tones help you exude confidence because of the luxe, yet subtle nature of the hues. Your best bet? Deep purple skinny jeans like the 1969 Authentic Skinny Fit Jeans from Gap. (; $55.99)

Alcohol Can Negatively Impact Your Fitness Goals

Fall signals the beginning of the season of celebrations.  There’s football, holidays, and many other reasons to become festive.  During this time of year, many wonder about the effects of alcohol consumption on their fitness goals.  Research, suggests, beyond the obvious lowering of inhibitions and the enhancement of jovial moods, alcohol does many things to the body that can only be considered “un-toast-worthy.”
First, alcohol inhibits your ability to metabolize fat cells.  Once the average person drinks more than two drinks (approximately), their liver gets saturated with alcohol.  When that happens, all other liver functions are minimized until it can rid itself of what is sees as poison.  This process takes about 48 hours.  During this period, the body virtually loses its ability to burn fat.  In essence, two drinks can cost you two days of fat storage.
Putting Your Best Face Forward

Very often we stay physically active to keep our body in shape and looking good as we age.  But no matter how physically fit you are there are simply some areas that no amount of exercise can tone.

Fortunately, the good folks at Menaji have developed an exercise routine for your skin that can keep your face toned and looking youthful.  Their Eraser product rejuvenates wrinkles and damaged skin, regenerates surface cells and erases fine lines.  In short, this product refreshes your skin by delivering collagen back to the source and keeps it toned to give you a more youthful look.

The best thing about Eraser is there is no down time, it works while you're sleeping and you'll see results in about a week. 

Menaji Eraser is available at Menaji.

Google Launches ‘Voice Search’ App For iPhone

Google recently launched of a new Google Search app specifically for Apple mobile devices: the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
The app allows users to speak search queries into their Apple devices and have Google automatically pull up relevant results, putting it in direct competition with Apple’s own onboard voice-activated assistant on the iPhone and iPad, Siri.
As Google search engineer Kenneth Bongort wrote of one example in a company blog post: “‘What does Yankee Stadium look like?’ Google will show you hundreds of pictures instantly.”
Google’s own built-in voice search was previously available for Android devices, where it was lauded by tech bloggers as faster, more accurate and generally superior to Apple’s Siri.
More worrisome for Apple, Google’s new voice search option also works on Apple devices running iOS 4.3 or later versions, while Siri only works on iOS 5.0 and above (unless hacked), leaving out the iPhone 3GS.
Checks and Balances !

For the autumn season, popular menswear labels are blowing the dust off old-school checks, and are offering up a barrage of eye-catching jackets that were probably last spotted at a convention for used car salesmen – back in the ’70s. No worries friend. Today’s reincarnation has a trimmer and lighter construction that keeps the aesthetic contemporary and youthful. Here is how to wear the season’s boldest jackets without looking clueless and archaic.

True, glen-plaid patterns have enjoyed the sartorial favor of well-dressed gents for years now, but those of the windowpane variety, well, not so much. Nevertheless, windowpane is quite popular this fall, and the simple pattern makes for easy coordination with the remainder of your ensemble. 

Shown: Paul Stuart Shetland Windowpane Sport Jacket
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