Your Cologne for Fall

Picking a new cologne is a complex equation balancing what you like, what women like, and what you wouldn’t mind smelling like.
"La Nuit De L’Homme" by Yves Saint Laurent (pronouncedEve Sane-lor-aun) accomplishes all of these splendidly. It’s modern and sexy, which pleases the ladies, and masculine with sweet notes of wood and tobacco for you. It’s perfect for a winter evening out, but the simplicity fits in any time of year.
The scent experts at Base Notes, the fragrance database for the web, give it strong reviews for longevity, aroma, and, perhaps most importantly for a cologne: compliment factor. It’s best described by one reviewer: "This fragrance was made to attract the opposite sex and it does its job very well."  (about $50)
Uniqlo Launches Online Store in US

Uniqlo, the Japanese clothes giant, may have just turned the fast fashion shopping world upside down this week with the  launch of is new online shopping site in the U.S. This may not seem like important news to many, but to a certain American consumer—think very well-dressed, without much money, and living between the coasts—it is like a food drop from a Marshall Plan plane in 1940s Berlin. $9.90 slim jeans and $79.90 cashmere sweaters in wearable solids are no longer the special privilege of New Yorkers and Los Angelenos, who, let’s face it, probably didn’t really need more slim-cut cheap clothes anyway. The only people who might be disappointed are the ones who used to pick up cash making runs to the coastal stores and sending the loot to Uniqlo fanatics in the middle states.
This is important news for fashionistas who live in towns that don't have a H&M or Zara store. 
Ginger and Cilantro Baked Tilapia

This extra-simple, extra-fast recipe delivers huge flavor in a foolproof package.  This dish is so convenient for those last-minute meals, fish cooks so fast.  Great for a busy evening after work. It pleases with the pungent, aromatic flavors of cilantro, ginger, and sesame.

It's sweet and spicy, salty from the soy sauce and melting in the middle. It's certainly not the prettiest dish, but it's oh-so-fast, oh-so-easy, and oh-so-good.

Any thin fish fillet would do as well; tilapia isn't your only option.
Shed Pounds by Eating Breakfast

If you want to lose weight, eat something before you rush out the door in the morning. According to research presented at the 2012 meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, people who skip out on breakfast are more likely to succumb to the temptation of high-calorie foods later in the day than people who do eat breakfast. It turns out your brain becomes biased towards eating high-calorie foods when you deprive yourself of a good breakfast, so much so that you're apt to eat 20 percent more food on days when you skip breakfast than on days that you do.  If you're starting your day with too much on your metaphorical plates to find time for actual food.  
Binders Full of Style

As you no doubt are aware by now, Mitt Romney and the Internet have joined forces to bring attention to that oft-overlooked accessory, the binder. And while we're not going to get into politics here — let alone sexual politics — it should maybe be said today that it doesn't hurt to have nice things in and around one's desk. Like these, maybe.

Clockwise from top left: Semainier ($1,150) by Hermes,; Bleeker leather a5 notebook ($168) by Coach,; Bijou organizer ($440) by Smythson of Bond Street,; Desk agenda cover ($560) by Louis Vuitton,; Monaco double handle portfolio ($295) by Tumi,; Semainier ($1,150) by Hermes,

Outlet Malls: Deal or No Deal?

Outlet stores lure droves of shoppers every year -- from moms looking for back-to-school bargains to holiday gift-givers in search of can't-miss deals on brand-name items. However, with increasing competition from luxury flash-sale sites, discount mass retailers such as TJ Maxx and Wal-Mart, and frequent in-store promotions at full-price retail stores, knowing a real markdown from a come-on is getting trickier.

The folks at Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine have developed this quiz online quiz to help determine if you can spot a deal from just another purchase. Click here to see for yourself.
Get Whiter Teeth at Home for Pennies

Get whiter teeth at home in minutes at home by using this just a few household ingredients. Mix a little toothpaste, one teaspoon baking soda plus, one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and half a teaspoon water. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. Do it once a week or until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using this whitening treatment to once every month or two.
Y-3 2012 Fall/Winter Honja High

The Honja High from Yohji Yamamoto‘s adidas-backed Y-3 collection returns for Fall/Winter 2012 in reengineered form. Now sporting additional EVA cushioning alongside a padded collar and Poron® performance sockliner for added comfort, the updated high-top sees a high-density rubber outsole with rubber foxing and features an upper of canvas and premium Nappa leather with suede detailing at the toe. Finished off with a multicolored tongue, the latest edition of the Y-3 Honja High is now available in-stores and online for $310 USD.
Wish You Could Turn Back Time? Now, You Can With Menaji Age Eraser

Very often we stay physically active and exercise to keep our body in shape and looking good as we age.  But no matter how physically fit you are there are simply some areas that no amount of exercise can tone.

Fortunately, the good folks at Menaji have developed an exercise routine for your skin that can keep your face toned and looking youthful.  Their Eraser product rejuvenates wrinkles and damaged skin, regenerates surface cells and erases fine lines.  In short, this product refreshes your skin by delivering collagen back to the source and keeps it toned to give you a more youthful look.

The best thing about Eraser is there is no down time, it works while you're sleeping and you'll see results in about a week.  This product is powerful enough turn back time for men and women.

Menaji Eraser is available at Menaji.

KillSpencer iPhone 5 Leather Pouches

Hopping on the iPhone 5 bandwagon almost as soon as the phone dropped, KILLSPENCER has just unveiled a set of pouches designed to keep your precious Apple gadget as good as new. Offered in one of two leather finishes, the new iPhone accessories feature top-notch construction and attention to detail. Crafted by hand at the brand’s downtown Los Angeles WORKSHOP, the pouches are available in either oil-tanned leather or pebbled leather and sport a scratch-resistant alcantara lining. The premium oil-tanned calfskin leather variant is available in a natural finish while the lightweight pebbled Dakota leather variant is offered in camel, black and chocolate finishes. Available now from KILLSPENCER’s online store, each pouch will set you back $89 USD.
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