Nike Air Foamposite Pro -- Silver/Crimson-Black

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Bright Crimson” is scheduled to release tomorrow, August 31st at select Nike stores. The shoe features a similar design to that of the Nike Air Foamposite Pro – Metallic Silver / Black, sporting a metallic silver upper with black accents. This pair however is much more appealing, as it sports vibrant crimson red accents.

The shoe takes center stage this Friday but  will set you back about $220 USD, if you can get them.

Old School meets New School:  Evernote Smart Notebook

Ever wish there was a way to easily, seamlessly digitize everything you've poured into your trusted notebook? Now there is. The Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook ($25-$30) has been specially designed to let you quickly and easily snap a photo of each page using the Evernote app, making all your words and notes instantly searchable and sortable. Included Smart Stickers let you automatically tag pages and passages, and Skitch arrows to draw attention to important things on the page. It's as close as you can come to writing on your iPhone  
with an actual pen and paper.

Large ($29.95 USD)/small ($24.95 USD) available October 1 and pre-ordered online here
Rodale to relaunch Best Life Magazine

Rodale publishing is about to give the Heisman stiff arm to all those print magazine naysayers with the relaunch of Best Life, a publication that helps men "live the good life."  Best Life caters to men at the top of their career, in peak physical health and his family life under control.  

The timing of Best Life's return (it folded in May 2009) is due to a few factors, including the rise of luxury advertising and resurgence in the men's fashion business. The magazine is slated to return in mid-late October as a SIP (special interest publication) with a run of about 300,000, iPad app and potential e-commerce component attached to it. Like the original magazine, it will cover a range of topics like style, wealth, travel, and fatherhood.
Thom Browne Buckled Wingtip Brogue

For its Fall 2012 collection, New York designer Thom Browne is adding a bit of sporty flair to its classic Wingtip Brogue with a tricolor buckle. Made entirely in England from Scotch-grain premium leather, this wingtip features a smooth leather sole with a metal saver at the toe, and exhibits classic brogue detailing throughout. It is finished with round waxed laces and of course that signature tricolor grosgrain ribbon with its metal buckle. You can pick up a pair of these handsome brogues from oki-ni here for £850 GBP (approximately $1,340 USD).

Armstrong & Wilson x Ghurka Luggage for LeBron James

Pocket square makers Armstrong & Wilson come together with leather goods maker Ghurka to produce a handsome luggage collection for LeBron James. Taking the Cavalier series of bags as the starting point, Armstrong & Wilson applied its houndstooth pocket square fabric to the interior. Capping it all off is LeBron’s signature Crown logo on the front of the bags. In addition to the bags, the collection will also feature three handkerchief designs based on the luggage design. Due for a limited release, the collection will be available in September. Stay posted for further details.

Land Rover Refines 2013 Range Rover

When you're buying the fourth-generation of something, you expect a level of refinement above and beyond its predecessors — and the 2013 Land Rover Range Rover($TBA) doesn't disappoint. All-new from the ground up, it uses an all-aluminum unibody structure — a first for a SUV — and an all-new aluminum front and rear chassis architecture to shed around 700 pounds compared to 2012 models. It pulls this off while adding nearly 5" of rear seat legroom, the next-generation of the Terrain Response system, and a range of V8 engines mated to new eight-speed ZF automatic transmissions, and retaining its legendary off road capabilities. Arriving just in time for the holidays.

Footwear Trend Watch: Nike's Neon Moment

On streets across the USA, and again on sports biggest stage ---the London Olympic Games-- the only thing that might be more eye-catching than athletes' bodies is their footwear. Chances are you've seen flashes of neon yellow catching your eye. The likely source: Nike's uber-bright Volt collection. Athletes are sporting the electric-hued shoes everywhere from the road to the track to the medal stand and back again. You may have seen them on Trey HardeeAshton Eaton, and even the swimmers.
Track-and-field purists might consider the color distracting, but for the increasingly style-conscious world of sports, the pumped-up kicks are a modern example of function meeting fashion, the second coming, perhaps, of Michael Johnson's golden Nike spikes that grabbed headlines at the 1996 Atlanta Games. "Using the Volt color for all of the Nike shoes is designed to make a bold statement on sports' biggest stage," says Martin Lotti, Nike's global Olympic creative director. The statement: If you look fast, you will move fast.

Resale Prices Peak in Anticipation of iPhone 5

As most iPhone devotees eagerly anticipate the arrival of the new iPhone 5, it might pay to sell your iPhone 4S now—especially if you can survive a couple of weeks without either one.
With the iPhone 5 widely expected to hit stores around Sept. 12, analysts foresee some major structural changes. “There’s a lot more hype this time around, with speculation about a larger and slimmer screen,” says Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer at technology resale site As the release day gets closer, the market is likely to be flooded with old iPhones; 84% of people who previously traded in old iPhones are already preparing to do so again, according to a survey of 1,400 Gazelle customers. But in the past, those floods have turned into gluts, typically causing prices to drop by 20% to 25%, says Jeff Trachsel, chief marketing officer of resale site

The takeaway: Current prices probably represent a peak. And those who bought their iPhones for $199 as part of a two-year wireless contract might actually stand to make a profit.
Prices vary on the resale sites. For a 16-gigabyte iPhone 4S, Gazelle will pay $270, NextWorth offers $263 and Amazon Trade-In prices go up to $290. But for many phone owners, the more important factor is the “lock-in”—the amount of time the seller gets to keep the gadget before sending it in. Amazon Trade-In wants the iPhone within seven days to guarantee its agreed price, NextWorth gives 21 days grace, and Gazelle pledges 30 days.
Consumers can also auction off their own iPhones on eBay. The sale prices trend much higher—but sellers typically have to ship their phones immediately. Currently, 16GB iPhone 4S models are posted with asking prices of $500 to $650, though there’s no guarantee sellers will get those higher prices. Overall, eBay says, there’s been a 70% rise in the number of smartphone trade-ins on the auction site this month. Since July 30, over 185,000 trade-in offers have been generated, an eBay spokesman says.
What to do if a resale deal leaves you temporarily phoneless? Some carriers, such as AT&T, allow you to buy a SIM card that’ll enable you to reactivate an old phone; you could also turn to a temporary, cheap pay-as-you-go phone from a vendor like Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T. With either solution, resellers are still likely to come out ahead financially compared with those who wait longer.

Afterworks:  Good Tailoring Is Job One

When it comes to looking great in your suit, rule number one is to choose a suit that follows the outlines of your body while masking imperfections.

Then, let a tailor “have at it”.  A great tailor can take a mere mortal and sculpt a suit around him to create the illusion of a Greek God.

The precise fit that tailoring provides can make a moderately priced suit look expensive.  (Conversely, and expensive suit will look cheap if it doesn’t fit well.) “A gym-toned body is the enemy of off-the-rack suits,”says James Sherwood, author of Bespoke: The Men’s Fashion of Savile Row, because a jacket for a big-shouldered man won’t always come with the right size trousers.  When you try on a jacket, lift up your arms just an inch or two. If the coat rides up, the jacket is perfect – for comedy.  But it’s too tight for normal use.   A well-fitting shoulder is the starting point for an off-the-rack suit.  A tailor can’t save a shoulder that doesn’t fit.

Then check the jacket at your waist; you want it snug when buttoned, The waistline of the jacket should be cut high, around the narrowest part of your waist.  As for the pants,
Top 5 Quick Fitness Tips

1.) No Ego Training (NET)
It's not always about lifting the heaviest possible can build muscle with your own body weight and isolation exercises and your more likely to remain injury free. The amount of times people train biceps with massive weights but with no form...then they complain their arms aren't growing!!? That's because they are mostly using their backs! Don't be macho and out of proportion, be smart and symmetric!

2.) Don't Over Train (DOT)
Every muscle including your Abs needs sufficient time to recover properly! The gym isn't meant to be for defining your jaw line by catching up on the latest gossip! Get in, focus on the muscle being trained and keep yourself motivated with music if need be! This will prevent too many disruptions/distractions! Try and keep it under and hour with small rest periods (pending on cutting or bulking).

3.) Don't Forget Drink (DFD)
Drinking water is essential for anyone but more so for the training enthusiasts! Dehydration or dropping water is not the way forward! You need water to flush the system, help sweat, prevent cramping along with helping energy levels and your skin complexion.
USA Pride: Patriotic Sunshades

Linda Farrow has done collaborations with The RowAlexander Wang, and Raf Simmons. But this pair of sunnies by Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow takes the traditional shape of eyewear and throws it out the window. Peep these patriotic shades and place your hand over your heart to begin your pledge of allegiance. 

Via: Fashionindie
The Nearly-Custom Dress Shirt, Affordably Yours

J. Crew has quietly launched The Ludlow Shirt, a crafted from two-ply Super 120s cotton — a fabric that's light, smooth, with a subtle sheen — and offered in classic, work-appropriate patterns, it's the latest garment that fits like your favorite Ludlow: slim. The Ludlow shirt offers a sort of tailored fit t without the fuss of measuring yourself first. And, at just $88, might as well stock up for every weekday. It comes in every color (and collar) imaginable. 
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