A Tie Is the First Thing People Notice

"Nice tie!" That's always what people say. Their eyes can't help but go there. So  when choosing a tie, choose one that will speak to your personality and your outfit, not stand apart from or clash with it.

Also, whether you're six feet four or five feet six, the tip of the tie should hit right at your beltline— not three inches below it, not two inches above it.  
Menaji 911 Eye Gel: A Real Eye Rescue

I've been doing a little traveling lately and burning the candle at both ends and in the middle partying. With the hectic spring/summer season upon us, things won't be slowing down anytime soon.

Thankfully, i've been trying out  Menaji Skincare's 911 Eye Gel, a fast acting   hypo-allergenic rich serum that tightens and lifts the skin around your eyes.  911 Eye Gel deflated the puffy bags under my eyes and removed the dark circles in under 30 minutes, restoring my youthful appearance.

I can honestly say, this is the best eye gel i've ever used.  You can get it at the Menaji site for about $36.
How to Wear a Double-Breasted Suit

If you want a double-breasted suit to look modern—and not like something from a gangster flick—keep it short and trim. And avoid Dick Tracy-grade shoulder pads, too.

Keep the jacket buttoned (including the interior button). It doesn't hang well when undone. 

And unlike with single-breasted suits, unless you want to look like a singer in the '80s R&B band, go for a higher-cut six-button suit instead of a low-slung four-button model.
Pants: To Cuff or Not to Cuff

Clothing Designer Michael Bastian on how the right call can make or break a suit:
"I like cuffs on pants of just about any fabric. Of course, when you're dealing with heavier corduroys and tweeds, the cuffs serve a purpose: They give the pants some weight, so they fall better. I say, if you're gonna go for a cuff, go for it; make it at least an inch and a quarter deep. As for the break, 90 percent of guys keep it classic, where the front of your pants hits the top bit of your shoes and the back of them touches the tops of your heels. That always works—but if you know what you're doing, then you can play around a bit and show a little ankle. Bring a pair of shoes to the tailor's to get the length just right and always follow that old rule 'Measure twice, cut once.' It's easy to go a little shorter, but it's impossible to go a little longer."

Usher performs "Scream" on SNL

One month before his new album, Looking 4 Myself, hits shelves, Usher's promotional wagon kicked into high gear  when the entertainer provided America with a set of contrasting performances during this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" episode. 

Rocking simple black jeans, a jacket and tee, and a faux hawk, Ursh looked vibrant and energetic as he performed his brand-new single "Scream." Unlike previous expertly choreographed numbers for his dance tunes, the sunglass-donning singer showed off minimal, but nonetheless slick, moves, while his band and two backup singers filled his Studio 8 back stage.

In his second set the singer showed off his his sensual and smooth side making his falsetto voice the forefront of the number.  He cleared the stage of his background singers to perform his chart topping hit Climax.
Five Easy Ways for College Guys to Upgrade their Style

Here are a few simple steps to help college students stand out from their peers.

Let’s face it, many of today’s college students can stand a little in sight on dressing appropriately.  As many colleges across the USA are beginning to discuss implementing dress codes to prevent students from literally attending class dressed in the pajamas they slept in, and showing up to presentations in athletic gear.    And, lets not forget that far too many male college students still have to be taught how to tie a necktie.
To be fair, girls are just as bad offenders as guys are  --- letting it all hang out.  While times and standards have changed, there are several reasons to consider taking your style and wardrobe up a notch or two:
When you dress sharp, you think sharp. If you don’t believe me, try it out yourself. When you feel put together, you feel more alert, more confident, and more ready to tackle the day’s tasks. College used to be considered a serious business, the halls where learning took place, hallowed.
Regal Shoe & Co. Camouflage Penny Loafers

Japanese brand Regal releases a new camouflage Penny Loafer under their limited edition Shoe & Co. brand. The loafer comes in a dark green colorway with black outer sole and bright red lining. Release is scheduled for next month at their Shoe & Co. Tokyo store.  No word yet if the shoe will be available state side.

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Three Exercises You Should Do Everyday

The old reliable exercises are fine for producing old reliable results. But if you want a physique that's better than the body you have now, you need exercises that do more for you than the ones that took you to this point. Luckily for you (and your muscles), trainers and scientists across the continent spend their days asking excellent questions, such as "Why do we do it this way?" and "What if we did it that way?" The answers they find are surprising—and useful.

With that in mind, here are three new exercises scientists and trainers suggest that you should everyday.
ZIK Parrot: the Bluetooth touch-activated headset

The new ZIK headphones, by Parrot products, are equipped with an active noise canceling system, that insulates you from surrounding noise to provide a pure sound experience, whether listening to music or making phone calls.  Because music must be heard in all its harmony, intensity and depth, ZIK has powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms that recreate the contours of the music in full. This is the “Parrot Concert Hall” effect: the music is in front of you, like at a concert! 
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