Menaji Lip Balm:  A Lip Agent for Grown Men

If you're like most guys you tend to pick up your lip balm when checking out at the grocery store or drug store, and that’s fine when you're in high school. But if you are a grown man you might want to step your routine up a bit and take extra care of your lips by finding a balm that will really enhance your lips and keep the ladies wanting more.

We've found a lip balm that does just that in Mënaji Lip Balm Agent.   It moisturizes and protects your lips from the elements  with refreshing peppermint, macadamia and jojoba oils, without drying or waxing ingredients.   The balm leaves your lips feeling so great that all you need to use it is once a day. 

At $7.50,the Mënaji Lip Balm Agent is less expensive than other high-end lip balms, but far more effective.   
The versatile Blue Blazer

The backbone of any serious wardrobe, the blue blazer is probably one of the most versatile garments ever designed. Without a doubt, it is the one article of dress clothing all men should have hanging in the closet. The blue blazer is universally useful and chameleon-like when it comes to meeting your needs in a sartorial pinch.  From casual cocktails to formal boardroom, a well made, well fitting blazer will get the job done.

A blue blazer can fill the gap when you need to dress somewhere between a suit and a sweater, regardless of the season.  When shopping for a blue blazer, approach it as a major investment. This should be a jacket that can carry you for years to come and something that you are happy to reach for in the morning.
How to Remove and Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains

Like most guys you've experienced those embarrassing yellow armpit stains in your t-shirts or white dress shirts.  The stains come from the aluminum used in antiperspirants combined with your sweat.  They're annoying to say the least.

I went searching for the best way to remove these stains, I'll start by telling you that more bleach isn't it.   Bleach only makes the pit stains more yellow.

Rit white-wash laundry treatment works, but at $2.49 per treatment its kind of expensive.  

I tried ammonia+dishwashing soap, which was recommended by the University of Illinois Extension Stain Solutions Department.  Results -- Failed.
Nike Air Force 1 Max Air VT (Camo)


Looking to add a little military flair to your summer wardrobe? The Nike Air Force 1 Max Air VT ($200) should do the trick. The fourth entry in the AF1 XXX series, this unique low-top features a full-length visible Max Air unit with total orange highlights, a Vas-Tech upper with a dark camo pattern, waxed laces, and an embossed leather tongue and heel tabs. Avoid pairing with camo cargo shorts, unless you're going for a full Army look. 
2013 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

As SUVs go, few have retained their basic look for as long as the G-Class. The 2013 Mercedes-Benz G-Class ($TBA) continues the tradition with LED daytime running lights and new exterior mirrors serving as the only standard exterior changes, but adds other improvements like the latest COMAND infotainment system with mbrace2, new safety features like Blind Spot Assist, PARKTRONIC, and adaptive cruise control, and a new G63 AMG variant with an eight-cylinder biturbo engine and the ECO stop/start system. Expect 388hp from the G550 and 544hp from the G63, both of which should be arriving at a dealer near you this August.
Cedar Shoe Trees Extend Life of Shoes

When you invests in a pair of quality shoes, it’s essential that you do them justice with a pair of cedar shoe trees. Red cedar, particularly, is known for its preservative properties and ability to absorb moisture, while the full-adjustability will ensure your prized footwear keeps its shape over the years. Spring-loaded, adjustable shoe tree smooths creases and extends the life of your fine leather shoes. A must-have for the serious shoe owner. 

Are 'Concierge' Health Plans Worth It?

A small but growing number of primary-care physicians are changing over to what are  called "concierge" or "retainer" practices, treating a limited number of patients who pay from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a year for more-personalized services --- more face time, same-day or next appointments and round-the-clock access via email and cellphone.

"On a very basic level, you're paying for improved access and ease of accessibility," says Alwyn Cassil, public-affairs director at the Center for Studying Health System Change, a health-policy research firm in Washington, DC.  Hard number arent' available yet, but the American Academy of Private Physicians estimates that about 4,400 doctors now run such boutique practices. The trend has picked up steam as stingy insurance reimbursements have squeezed primary-care doctors to the point where many take on a roster of 2,000 to 3,000 patients, seeing upward of 30 a day.
New iPad Case Gives it  a MacBook Feel

Torn between Apple's iPad and the MacBook Pro? Here's an accessory that could solve your dilemma.
The NoteBookCase for iPad2 transforms the tablet into a smaller version of the MacBook Pro, complete with a similar MacBook-style keyboard. Aside from the Bluetooth-connected keyboard, the case comes with an integrated battery that charges the tablet, too.
T.D. Jakes' Let It Go Urges Forgiveness

T.D. Jakes does it again!  His new book, Let It Go, hits a home run!  Poignantly drawing from the concept of forgiveness as a "big idea," Jakes explores how unforgiveness is a learned behavior that can become a cancer of the soul that grows if gone unchecked.  He encourages each of us to perform an "emotional self-examination" to prevent unresolved issues from multiplying.  

In his own words, "reading this book may be the most important step you can take right now toward personal healing and professional advancement."  Refuse to let unforgiveness (big or small) stand in between you and your future happiness and success. 
Chevy Unveils New-Look 2014 Impala

Chevrolet unveiled the its 10th-generation Impala at the 2012 New York auto show, with the hope to erase memories of the long-running nameplate’s largely forgettable outwardly appearance with new a sleek new body and a more refined interior.  The new Impala will come loaded with the latest in technology, and a vastly improved driving experience when it goes on sale in early 2013.

Travel Gym in a Bag

It’s hard enough to get motivated for the gym in your hometown; so for most people the prospect of leaving the hotel room after a long flight to perspire in an unknown gym is a tall task. While getting to the gym on the road may not happen too often, thanks to the Technogym Wellness Bag, it can be carried with us. This compact 15-by-8-inch carrying case holds a series of resistance bands, ankle supports, handles and a soft exercise mat that allow for a wide range of physical activities. At the very least this portable gym kit will prevent you from getting roped into spotting Hulk Hogan on the dumbbells.

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