BOUNTY HUNTER has just introduced an original ‘made in Japan’ optical frame into their 2012 lineup. The horn-rimmed frames are made of high-quality Japan-sourced acetate, and feature a subtle keyhole nose bridge with an opening tailored for the nose shapes and facial profiles of the Japanese. The retro design is available in three colors, from select BOUNTY HUNTER stockists.
2013 BMW M6 Coupe

Lusting after an M5 but simply don't want or need those extra two doors? Say hello to the 2013 BMW M6 Coupe ($TBA). This third-generation supercar-turned-daily driver is powered by a high-revving 4.4L V8 with M TwinPower Turbo Technology, which produces 560 hp and a 0-62 mph time of 4.2 seconds, a 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission, an M specific chassis that's more rigid and robust than that of the standard 6-series, optional M Carbon-Ceramic brakes, standard 19-inch light-alloy wheels, available Adaptive LED headlights, a carbon fiber composite roof, a head-up display, and an agressive body that's sure to make sweaty the palms of anyone fortunate enough to spot one in their rearview mirror.
Dockers Camo Alpha Khaki

Take the ruggedness of jeans, a khaki-like design, and a dash of camouflage, and you've got the Dockers Camo Alpha Khaki ($75). The Alpha is built with jean-like construction techniques like over-lock stitched seaming and heavier weight fabric, but maintains a polished khaki cut. And thanks to that fabric, they wear, wrinkle, and age like great denim, meaning they'll look even better a year from now than they do when you first put them on.
Joseph Abboud F/W 2012

The label's designer, Bernardo Rojo, looked to the classic 1930s style of the movie "The Sting" for inspiration for the  label's Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Rojo's detail work showed, with elbow pads on jackets, large buckles on the belts of coats and large scarfs draped close to the neck. His runway show ended with a dozen models wearing different tuxedos, punctuating Rojo's message that formal is back.

"I think it's time to dress up, dressing down, we have had it for a long time," Rojo said. "But it has to be in a contemporary way. I don't want to make it old."

Rojo also showed an array of perfectly slim (but not skinny) suit trousers.

A New Way to Keep Shirts Fresh While Traveling

Keeping dress shirts looking crisp while traveling is hard. The Shirt Shuttle (about $50) makes it easy. This simple travel helper features a curved-edge folding board to ensure that your shirt remains uncreased, and a lightweight, water-resistant case that's specially formed to keep your collar looking great, and includes inner pads to help minimize creases and an integrated hanging hook. Keeping the rest of your wardrobe looking nice is up to you.

The 15-Minute Chest Workout

If you have only 15 minutes to train, don’t mess around with fancy exercises that waste, time.  
The best workouts aren’t always flashy—plenty of simple routines get the job done. This simple one just blasts your pecs with heavy weight and hits the muscle fibers from every important angle.
To keep the workout to 15 minutes, you’ll need to rush your warm-up on the bench press a bit. Steadily work up in weight, resting only as long between warm-up sets as it takes to change the plates.
This hustle means you won’t be optimally prepared to lift your heaviest possible load for four to six reps—so you should therefore use a slightly lighter weight—but that’s the tradeoff for getting the workout done quickly. To minimize the problem, rest two minutes after your last warm-up set before you go heavy.
1) Bench Press
SETS: 1 REPS: 4–6
2) Incline Dumbbell Press

 3) Parallel-Bar Dip
SETS: 1 REPS: 8–10

Study: Twitter More Addictive Than Cigarettes And Alcohol

According to a study led by Wilhelm Hofmann of Chicago University’s Booth Business School who looked at 205 people aged 18 – 85 checking emails or social networking on Twitter may be a stronger desire than alcohol, tobacco and even having sex. From the study:
Resisting the desire to work was likewise prone to fail. In contrast, people were relatively successful at resisting sports inclinations, sexual urges, and spending impulses, which seems surprising given the salience in modern culture of disastrous failures to control sexual impulses and urges to spend money.
Desires for media may be comparatively harder to resist because of their high availability and also because it feels like it does not ‘cost much’ to engage in these activities, even though one wants to resist. With cigarettes and alcohol there are more costs – long-term as well as monetary – and the opportunity may not always be the right one.
We kinda saw this one coming...
Prada Rolls Out New Phone

Making heads turn with its monochromatic stylings, LG and Prada's latest baby is putting on a night-mask, ready to be unleashed on well-heeled types around the globe. Alongside the custom Android skin (atop a Gingerbread OS), the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 packs a respectable dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and LG's NOVA display -- stretching up to 4.3 inches on this fashionista phone.  
The Five Minute Fix

1) Travel roller cologne, $26 by Kiehl's2) Face towelettes, $15 by Lab Series3) Hair potion, $23 by Aveda4) Deodorant, $5 by Tom's of Maine5) Vinyl case, $8 by The Container Store6) Oil-free moisturizer, $18 by Baxter of California

At the end of a particularly long day, all you want to do is take a shower and grab a drink. (Right?) But sometimes a shower isn't an option. There's no time to run home. Or perhaps, you're just feeling grimy after a stressful meeting with the boss, getting caught in a mid-day monsoon or sweating through your sweater in an over-heated office.

Prep a simple kit to keep handy—in your desk, your bag or your car—that allows you to clean up in five minutes or less. Everyone has their own routine, but here's a look at our go-to kit. Oil-free facial wipes and lotion to revive skin and combat shine, a dry shampoo that wicks away grease while doubling as a grooming creme, some aluminum-free deodorant and a travel-size rollerball vial of cologne. All kept in a reinforced, leak-resistant vinyl pouch.
Building A Wardrobe:  The First Six Suits To Buy

If you are just building a wardrobe, we recommend you have what many consider to be the four pillars of every man’s wardrobe: Solid Charcoal, Solid Navy, Charcoal Pinstripe, Navy Pinstripe. These four classics will cover you in almost any situation and provide a good mix of tradition and style. From there, expand your wardrobe based on your personal preferences. If you like to show off your stylish nature, go with a more modern colored pinstripe or a sleek sharkskin. For a more subtle look, go for a traditional plaid or classic charcoal herringbone. Finally, add a light linen or cotton suit to give you versatility into the summer months. To summarize, start with a classic foundation and build from there.
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