If you've ever watched Oprah for any period of time you'll know that she often talks about her "favorite things".  Well, I've been using Menaji Skincare's Face & Body Scrub for a few months now, and I'm ready to declare that this product is one of my favorite things!

Admittedly, I've been one of those guys who didn't think my face needed any special attention besides soap and water.  But, from time-to-time, I've dabbled with a product or two for special occasions.  Some of these products have cost a nice piece of change and have made some pretty incredible claims.

The Menaji Face & Body Scrub, which I've primarily used as a facial scrub over the past few months is by far the best facial scrub I've ever used.
In addition to removing dirt and oil, without clogging pores, and buffs away dead skin and revitalizes and moisturizes my face.  Amazingly, it also prevents razor bumps and skin irritation all while leaving my skin softer and my face looking totally refreshed. 

For all that it does, this is one of the best smelling (citrus) and practically priced (about $30 US/ 5.7 oz) scrubs on the market. 


  1. Thanks been looking for a good facial product :-)

    1. Hey do you know if this product is shipped on weekends? I want to get this but I need to have it in my hand by Wednesday of next week, thanks.

    2. Mark,

      I'm not sure. You can call the 800 # on their website and ask. You can also order this from nordstrom.com


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