Christmas is just a few days away, and as always you’ve waited until the very last minute. The stores are overcrowded, filled with rude last-minute shoppers, and everything left has pretty much been rummaged through—shopping at this point is not an option. So what are you going to do? The answer is simple. Give gift cards.
Yes, gift cards can be a little impersonal and they don’t require much thought. But consider this, who doesn’t enjoy a little shopping of their own? Everyone does! Take a few minutes to consider who’s on your list and give gift cards according to personality. Your friends and family will love shopping and buying what they want at their leisure.  So don’t let the hustle and bustle of last-minute shopping deter you from giving a cool gift.
These gift card ideas will more than make up for your tardy shopping.
As the largest coffeehouse in the world, its booming success must mean that a majority of the country not only drinks coffee, but also loves the Starbucks brand. And with the vast variety of drink and food options available at this boutique-like coffeehouse, a Starbucks gift card would make the average coffee lover jittery with excitement.
Although considered a discount retailer, the latest Neiman Marcus designer collaboration contains prices that’ll have you thinking twice, whether or not you’re really in Target. But needless to say, Tar-Jay as many of us like to call it, is a great affordable one-stop shop for all things home and fashion–making a gift-card the perfect gift for those who love to be under the shopping trance of the bullseye.
Barnes & Noble
Selling a variety of reading, writing, and entertainment products, Barnes & Noble is bound to have something your recipient will love. A gift card allows him/her to buy a few must-read books, decorate their home with large picturesque coffee table books, or catch up on the latest movies and music with newly released DVDs and CDs.
Perfect for the individual who loves to pamper themselves, a Sephora gift card will be splendid. The lady on your list will be able to stock up on all her favorite beauty and skin care must-haves, while the guy will be able to try out that new fragrance he’s been wanting to get his hands on.
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  1. A gift card is the perfect gift for first minute holiday shoppers. The only better gift is cash: it's always the right size and color.


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