If you're like most guys you tend to pick up your lip balm when checking out at the grocery store or drug store, and that’s fine when you're in high school. But if you are a grown man you might want to step your routine up a bit and take extra care of your lips by finding a balm that will really enhance your lips and keep the ladies wanting more.

We've found a lip balm that does just that in Mënaji Lip Balm Agent.   It moisturizes and protects your lips from the elements  with refreshing peppermint, macadamia and jojoba oils, without drying or waxing ingredients.   The balm leaves your lips feeling so great that all you need to use it is once a day. 

At $7.50,the Mënaji Lip Balm Agent is less expensive than other high-end lip balms, but far more effective.   

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  1. Menaji's product line also includes an Aftershave Hydrator, Face & Body Scrub and Masque.


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