Kicks with Style: Adidas Samoa

First introduced as an '80s training shoe, the adidas Samoa is back in a street-ready version. A retro suede overlay on the toe box, reinforced rubber toe, and full-grain leather build give this reissue an authentic look and feel.  The updated look also makes it a fall must have (about $55 US).

Bell & Ross Vintage Redefined

Bell & Ross has created an elegant yet rugged vintage looking, but  style, but more refined timepiece for its latest collection.  The watch takes inspiration from those worn by WWI pilots, who needed a precision instrument without all the bulk required by those on the ground. You can see all the pieces at Bell & Ross Online.

RazoRock: Aftershave Wax

Post shave or “Refresh” (as my barber likes to call it), is the final step in making sure that your newly shaved face is equipped with the right tools to combat shaving irritation.
The company RazoRock, designed a 100% natural handmade aftershave wax that does just that: heal and moisturize!  Packed with more essential oils than I have ever seen in an after shave product, the following oils make the product what it is: Lavender, Coriander, Juniper, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Patchouli, Fir Needle and Lemon.
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Washington DC Menswear designer  Andrew Nowell showed some of his stunning designs at the recent Washington DC Fashion and Beauty Expo.  Here's a short behind the scenes  his spring/summer 2011 collection at DC Fashion Week 2010 recently.  

Nowell is one of my favorite menswear designers and certainly one worth watching.

Lessons in Layering

When it comes to fall wardrobes, it's easy to end up layering on things purely for pragmatic reasons—it's cold in the morning or it's raining when you leave. So it's not hard to find yourself piled under a mismatched set of clothes. But if you want to layer up like a proper gentleman, look no further than new French label Ami. After all, who has mastered that art of layering better than the Europeans? Designed by 30-year-old Alexandre Mattiussi, the cool collection is a mix of timeless pieces (think tweed jackets, cable-knit sweaters) and modern favorites (slim button-downs and raw denim). All of which have been thoughtfully paired with a continental sensibility. And while fall is a season of earth tones, the key is to introduce an element of color or texture—a bright, crisp shirt peeking out under a sweater, a pop of sock in a surprising hue, or a bold knit layered under a tweed jacket.   
Mondrian Los Angeles

When it opened back in 1996, the 237-room Mondrian hotel was the enfant terrible of the West Hollywood strip; now it’s one of the grandest dames of Hollywood. Redesigned in 2008, the hotel still has all the Alice in Wonderland ingenuity of the original — like the imposing 30-foot mahogany doors at the entrance — but now with a new measure of comfort.

The spacious guestrooms have floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the city, hills or the sexy infinity pool. You’ll spot a huge mirror hanging opposite your bed, but don’t be fooled: It’s actually your flat-screen TV. Oversize daybeds in the guestrooms are perfect for a nap after a day of shopping. 

Dual-head rain showers are energizing before a night out.
The best amenity at the Mondrian, though, is its location. Stroll around the shops on 3rd Street or Melrose, then lunch at Koi. Downstairs, outdoor nightspot Skybar attracts the rich and famous, with folks queuing up early to get in. There may be a line, but with a stay here, you’re already in.

The views of L.A. are still unrivaled, and the scene at Skybar is hot as ever. And while you still might see a star sipping a cocktail at the bar, it's more likely to be a confident leading lady than a striving supporting actress.

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Shaka King is certainly one of my favorite menswear designers.  His designs are cutting-edge, comfortable and fresh.  Shaka heads his own design house under the name of Shaka King NY, although he's currently based in Atlanta, Ga, USA.

Samsung MV800 Compact Camera

The Samsung MV800′s ($315) killer feature stares every user right in the face — that is if they want it to. Its 3.0-inch touch screen display can rotate 180 degrees, allowing users to easily frame self portraits or other awkward shots we’d rather not know about. It’s a new convenience we’ve seen on mid-tier DSLRs before, and we’re glad to see trickle-down to point and shoots. Speaking of shoots, the 16.1 Megapixel camera packs everything you’d expect in a decent pocket cam including a 4.7~23.5 mm Schneider Lens, 5X optical zoom, built-in HDMI port and a MicroSD slot. An integrated photo editor, panoramic mode, 3D photo converter and a slew of artsy filters round out the MV800?s software offerings. You can find better cameras out there for this price range if image quality is your top concern. For true Narcissists, though, it’s the next best thing to personal paparazzi.

Fall Fashion 2011:  Double Breasted Swag

It used to be that wearing a suit to work was an act of submission, of following a code. But today it's more like an act of aggression — that in a world in which suiting up is increasingly seen as optional, wearing a suit, much less one of the new breed of slim-cut double-breasted suits, brands you a maverick. The DB suit is swagger incarnate.

Finding the Right Suit
The beef most have had with old-school DB suits is that all the extra cloth can make even the fittest guy look kind of beefy. To prevent the undue appearance of extra pounds, look for wools (or wool-silk blends) in the ten-to-fourteen-ounce range. When in doubt, it's always better to go light than heavy.

For Abs: Go Hard 'Core'

It’s easy to knock out a few crunches or situps at the end of a workout and believe you’ve worked your core. Wrong! Effective ab work should never be an afterthought. To avoid that, plan your core work on days in between regular lifting. You’ll get better results—an even more shredded torso and core. To avoid over-training, we’ve limited the workouts to three exercises per session. That’s plenty. The moves will challenge your balance and stability and require only 20 minutes.
FREQUENCY: Perform two core workouts per week for four weeks in between your main workouts.
TIME NEEDED: 20 minutes

The three exercises in each workout will vary. Perform them as a circuit, completing one set for each, one after the other, and resting as little as possible in between. Repeat for the   prescribed number of sets.  To get started Click Here.
Victorinox Updates Old Classic -- The Original

After going for nearly a quarter century virtually unchanged, this fall,the Victorinox Swiss Army Company has decided to give it's classic watch "the Original" a shot of modern styling. 

The updates include a, slightly larger (40mm) stainless steel case and nylon NATO strap to replace the old mesh band.  The dial is brushed aluminum with stencil punch outs and the hands have been beefed up, making them easier to read. And it's not just pretty—it's still water resistant up to 330 feet and the hardened mineral crystal is virtually indestructible. The watch comes in four monochromatic colors --- olive green, tan, gray and black.  

Price at around $295. 
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