7 Little-Known Credit Card Perks

Points and cash back are only a fraction of the things your credit card can do for you. Here are seven benefits cardholders receive — from extended warranties on items they purchase with their cards to free admission to museums. See what your card can do for you.  Enhance Your Warranty: Gold and platinum MasterCards, Visa Signature cards and American Express cards all extend the manufacturer’s warranty by up to one year when you use the cards to purchase items. American Express cards and Citi’s new ThankYou Premier card will pay to repair broken items or replace lost purchases within 90 days — up to $1,000 per claim (the $450-per-year Platinum card has a limit of $10,000).
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Bullet Shell Cufflinks

These bullet shell cufflinks seem like something Al Pacino would’ve worn in The Godfather, which just makes them all the more ballin’. They’re tough, edgy, and make you look like you’ve unflinchingly taken a bullet to each wrist.

Made from real brass bullet casings, each casing was first collected, cut down, filed and polished in their transformation into cufflinks. The engraved numbers are the actual code of 270 Winchester ammunition. Available now through Etsy.
Great Interview Suit for the Class of 2011

As you venture in to post-collegiate life, you will encounter some good news and some bad news. The bad: Employment rates are, well, you know, salaries for those entering the workforce are lower, and... things are just worse than expected. But we can't really help with that.  What we can do is help in readying you for interview season — stylistically speaking, at least. (Although while we're at it: don't be late, don't be too early, don't bring a briefcase, thank-you note — in the mail.)

Anyway, you probably have yourself a little graduation money. And sure, you could spend that on a trip abroad or to Vegas.  Or you could make the very adult decision to use the funds on the ultimate future investment: a nice suit. Yes, it's time to retire that ill-fitting, hand-me-down from dad that you wore to the fraternity semi-formal — and certainly anything with three buttons or in polyester. But we told you there was good news, which is that there are tons of affordable upgrades this season that fit just right — from the likes of Theory, Joseph Abboud, and Banana Republic, just to name a few.
The Audi Q6 Coming In 2014

Audi has announced that they will be putting their rumored Q6 SUV into production for 2014, leaving critics to believe that the new Q6 will be somewhere between the already existing Q5 and Q7 models currently out.

Seagate GoFlex Satellite

Sure, your computer needs external storage — but what about your iPad? The Seagate GoFlex Satellite ($200) is ready to provide your nearly port-less portable with a healthy 500GB of storage, thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi connection that can provide up to three devices with simultaneous access to movies, music, and other media, for up to five hours per charge of its internal battery. Of course, there's also a USB 3.0 port for connecting to a Mac or PC. 

How to Beat Bank Fees

Lose your PNC Bank debit card on vacation, and it'll likely cost you $32.50 for a replacement. If U.S. Bank gets more than one of your statements returned in the mail because of an incorrect address, you'll be charged $5 -- for each return.
If you feel banks are nickel-and-diming you these days, you'd be right. Free banking has gone the way of the free in-flight meal. Banks are now restricted in some fees they can charge -- and stand to lose billions of dollars in revenue as a result -- so they're coming up with new fees for things that used to be free.
Checking accounts at the 10 biggest U.S. banks had a median 49 fees in October, according to an April study by the Pew Charitable Trusts.
But there are ways to beat your bank at its own game -- and minimize or avoid some fees.
Business Wear:  The Tie

An interesting piece of knowledge: there are eighty-five ways to knot a necktie. As good fortune would have it, a gentleman only requires one-a tight, dimpled Four-In-Hand. Versatile enough to pair with most dress shirt collars, its quick & simple execution minimizes time-consuming fussiness in the mirror. Go dark and go simple. Solids and stripes are classic options in navy, burgundy, red, gray, and even purple. Silk neckties are a given, but selections in wool, cotton, and even linen can be smart seasonal choices.
Business Wear:  The Shirt

A sophisticated gentleman can expertly extract high mileage out of just white and blue dress shirts. So, don’t be deterred by the seemingly scarce color options. Besides your basic solid selections, stripes & checks offer a plethora of choices. A straight point, semi-spread, or button-down collar is all a gentleman needs. French cuffs may be a little much for now, so barrel cuffs will be just fine.
Business Wear:  The Suit

If you all would be so kind, visualize a 5-button chalk-striped suit. Next, visualize a trash receptacle. Now, visualize that 5-button disaster going into that trash receptacle. That is all. To be quite frank, it would appear that men of color have been subconsciously indoctrinated to questionable  suit selection ever since their introduction to a lime-green Easter suit. The gaudiness ends now. Your corporate uniform: 2 or 3 button single breasted wool suit in navy or charcoal with a notch lapel. Flat front trousers for lean silhouette, or pleats to accommodate a few pounds in the waistline. Faint, and we mean faint, pinstripes optional.
Happy Mother's Day:  Celebs and their Mothers

Today as you may know is Mother's day. If you didn't know, now you know so be on your way to do something nice for your mom! A lot of parents go unappreciated for all of the hard work they've invested into making you who you are today! Take today to show Mom how much you love her and treat her like the Queen you know she is! 

Celebrities will be doing the same this Sunday with their moms. We got a host of photos for you to thumb through. Enjoy the photos of celebrities posing with their moms! 

Nick Cannon & Mom

Kid Cudi & Mom

Common:  What "Mom" taught me

With Mother's  Day less than 24hrs away, we thought we'd find out what mother's mean to a high profile  artists we admire.

Here's what two-time Grammy winning hip-hop artist and actor Common had to share:  "My mother taught me to always do what I can to help others. She instilled that principle in me at a young age, and it's become part of my soul. If you focus on blessing others, you’ll live life in abundance.” 

Smell Good:  Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Montauk

Andy Warhol Montauk, the world's first summer sunset cologne  , inspired by Andy Warhol's fantasy Montauk...where a quirkily quaint little fishing village greets the Studio 54 crowd. This fragrance is like no other.

Made with wild bergamot, white laurel, blueberry, hyacinth, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, amber, driftwood, silver maple and red oak.  

This fragrance is great, particularly if you work with numbers.  The lily of the valley is said to improve attention to detail.
A Different Take on Black Tie

At the recent White House Correspondents Dinner John Legend  and Terrell Owens offered their own interpretations of Black Tie.  Legend donned  a midnight-blue tux with shiny lapel detailing and a white bowtie. Owens wore a purple snakeskin-style bowtie, black jacket, and gray trousers.  

Check Your Vision:  Envision Your Future

When was the last time you had your vision checked? I don't mean an eye exam.

Your vision is altogether different. It's not what you see with your eyes. It's what you "see" for yourself in the future. It's how you envision your life unfolding.

And it's just as important as your eyesight—if not more so.  Ray Charles had a bold vision for his life—and he made it happen!
Without a vision, you're meandering through your days without direction or purpose.
Without a vision, you're more likely to be stymied by the road bumps of each day.
Without a vision, you're just living. Maybe.
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