A Few Things Your Personal Trainer Won't Tell You

There are some great personal trainers and there are some questionable trainers.  Most clients trust their trainers 100% when it comes to advice on how to get in shape.  But the information is only as good as the source. 

Trainers are in the business of training, so there's an incentive for them to keep you around month after month.  So following are a few things your trainer may not tell you but you should know.
  • 85% of Your Results Come From What You Eat - This bit of information is HUGE!  If you're losing weight or gaining muscle, what you eat plays the biggest role in how you look.  No matter how advanced and fancy your workouts are, if you eat garbage, you will look like garbage.  Straight up.  Working out plays its part in stimulating muscle growth and speeding up the metabolism, but when combined with proper nutrition...you can get great results.  You can't just workout.  You have to do the hard part...eating right the rest of the time.
Changes to Make This Spring

One of my favorite sayings is "Nothing changes until you do."

Here are five ideas to get started in becoming more productive this spring.

1.Take time to plan. Without a plan, you’re stuck with good intentions that you can’t execute. If you have extra time over spring break, do some personal reflection and goal setting. Think about one behavior at a time. What would you like to change about nutrition? Write it down. Continue this until you have a list of changes that have been on your mind.

Be consistent. Don’t think about how far you have to go, think about what you will do today to work on that change. For example: I will eat two whole fruits a day. I will not snack in front of the TV or computer.

Q&A with Ozwald Boateng

There aren’t many fashion designers who can claim to be responsible for revolutionising Savile Row, being the first tailor to stage a fashion show in Paris and pick up an OBE from the Queen for his contribution to fashion. Then again, there aren’t many designers like Ozwald Boateng.
How do you think the men's fashion market has grown in the past 25 years?
It’s been amazing. What you have to remember is when I first started there weren’t any men’s mags. There was iD and The Face, which were like Bibles. But now, for the first time men are really allowed to be into fashion, it’s been a liberation.
What can we expect from you in future?
I see myself opening more stores, moving into women’s wear, I think i'm ready for that. Then I see myself making movies. I’ve been making short films for years, so it’s nothing new. So I'm very keen on directing, I did a documentary film, I’m really excited about, it’s out next year.
Quick Fire Round. Your favourite airline?
Virgin. I do a lot of flights with Virgin.
Favorite fragrance?
I have a fragrance I get it made especially, in Paris, but I keep the location a secret.
Double breasted or single breasted?
Difficult. I’d say single. Double’s more formal and single’s more casual.
Navy or Camel?
Cameron or Clegg?
Has to be Cameron. He’s really of the moment.
Summer Scents:  Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino Collection

The Italian Rivera inspires Tom Ford’s debut collection of Private Blend bath and body care products--- Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino Collection.  The new extension is a unisex scent that combines cocktail of neroli, bergamot, citrus, amber and herbs with, he says, a “crisp and effervescent quality”.  The collection includes shower gel, body oil, body scrub, bath soap and moisturiser.

Leather “For Japan” Bracelet

With the devastation experienced in Japan this past weekend, there is certainly a need for help.  Eric from Corter Leather is now offering a bit of help with his “For Japan” bracelets.  Each bracelet costs $20, and 100% of proceeds go directly to the Red Cross efforts to help those affected by this tragedy in Japan.  Each leather bracelet features a hand-painted red button.  Please order one, and have your friends place an order… Spread the word because every little bit helps.

2012 BMW 650 CSi

The original BMW 635CSi from the 80′s was a tough act to follow. Crisp, clean lines and an aggressive stance, along with a beautifully forward angled grille made the 6-Series Coupe of yesteryear a true classic.The reincarnation in 2003 proved to be less than thrilling, looking more like a large lozenge than an iconic coupe. BMW hopes to change some of that with their second redesign, the all-new 2012 BMW 650i Coupe. With a more fluid and sleek design, the head and taillights no longer look out of place but fit in well with the body. An eight speed paddle shift manumatic transmission manages the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 that spits out a healthy 400 horsepower and 450 lb feet of torque. We thank the heavens above that a conventional 6-speed manual gearbox is also available so you can rope through your own gears. The 6-Series Coupe is rife with gadgetry such as Lane Departure Warning, Active Blind Spot Detection, rear and top mounted cameras, parking assistance and super-cool three-dimensional head up display. And though it gets to 60 in a scant 4.8 seconds, it’s far more of a highway and boulevard cruiser than it is a switchback scalpel. Pricing has not been announced but expect it to be slightly north of the 80-grand mark.

Missing Links

So many guys overlook the importance of cuff links and use the standard silk knots that come with dress shirts.  Stash those in a drawer and give your look a subtle edge with these Moderne cuff links in sterling silver from Tiffany & Co ($225).  Trust us, style is all in the details.
AT&T to purchase T-Mobile

AT&T will buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion in cash and stock, easily making AT&T the nation's largest wireless carrier, ahead of top-ranked competitor Verizon Wireless and reducing the number of major national wireless carriers from four to three.  Consumer groups are sure to object because of concerns over market consolidation and less competition, but some analysts said the deal makes sense and won't lead to higher prices. Rumors circulated last year that T-Mobile was expected to be sold, possibly to third-place Sprint, so AT&T's emergence was somewhat of a surprise.
The deal, announced on today by both AT&T and T-Mobile's parent Deutsche Telekom, has been approved by the boards of both companies. Under the deal, Deutsche Telekom would receive an 8% equity stake in AT&T and a board seat.  The transaction is expected to close in 12 months, the companies said.  AT&T said the deal will add T-Mobile's 34 million customers to AT&T's 95.5 million total subscriber base (at the end of 2010), enabling a quicker expansion of 4G LTE wireless networks to the entire subscriber group of about 130 million. By comparison, Verizon had 94.1 million subscribers at the end of 2010 , although Verizon and AT&T count them somewhat differently.

Summer Grilling Season Must Have: Smoker Box

Did your gas grill arrive without the wood chip box you crave? Rectify the situation with the Smoker Box ($40). Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, it can be filled with a wide variety wood chips or herbs that sit in the bottom of the box while your meat sits on top of a perforated tray, ready to soak in the flavor. A must have for summer.

Adidas SLVR S-M-L Shoes

Now here's an idea: shoes that are sized just like t-shirts. These Adidas SLVR S-M-L Shoes ($150) come in three easy to fit sizes — we'll let you guess what they are — and offer a four-way stretch mesh upper, ensuring both proper fit and breathability, two-tone laces, a stretchable outsole, and a stylish black, white, and red design.

The Best Things to Buy at JCPenney Right Now

Shopping, for men, can be intimidating enough, but, at best, it's about exploring your options — all of them — to make smarter decisions. So when a new season stares you down, and the options at the mall — all of them — seem confounding, sometimes it's nice to have a department store like JCPenney. And despite the mega-chain's mastery of basics (and sales), we figured we would aide you in making those smart decisions even faster. 

Not that JCPenney didn't make things easy: the color-blocking, the brand-by-brand layout, the fully-stocked but not too huge men's department — and did we mention the sales? Here's how to max out a $250 budget on all your spring staples, in about a half-hour. 

The Bright Young Bucks ($72 → $12) 
These couldn't be more synced-up with the whole bright-colored trend in casual shoes this season. Pair 'em with white jeans, or at least an unexpectedly bright sock, and save the last couple (actual) bucks for tax. 

The Casual Boot ($117 → $72) 
Certainly a bargain for this seasonally netural brown boot.  Just add jeans. Distressed boots ($89.99 on sale for $44.99) by Call It Spring; available at JCPenney stores

Other great finds:

Solid-color polo shirts, ($45 on sale for $29.99) by American Living, because everyone can use a good polo.  Remember polos should be fitted and sit just below your belt. Also: never tuck.  

You can never go wrong with a pair of Levi's from JCP.
Nike Air Jordan Comfort Vis 11

Normally when we see the words "Air Jordan," we think of cutting edge basketball shoes that rival the craziest catwalk clothing in design. The Nike Air Jordan Jordan Comfort Vis 11 ($110) is, then, somewhat of a surprise, mixing a Jordan Retro XI upper with a decidedly 20th century-looking Air Max 1 sole to create a shoe that's unassuming, comfortable, yet still able to handle the demands of a heated pickup game.
J. Crew Spring 2011 Collection Pocket Squares

Treat your inner dandy to some new flair in the form of these J. Crew Spring 2011 Collection Pocket Squares($40). Each option in the set is distinctively masculine (re: no paisley) while still adding a bit more pop than your classic Don Draper white.  Add one to your blazer of choice when the weather warms up, and you’ll be a different fish in that sea full of suits.
Banks May Cap Debit Card Spending at $50

Guess who wants you to start using your credit cards more? Reports CNN:
JPMorgan Chase, one of the nation’s largest banks, is considering capping debit card transactions at either $50 or $100, according to a source with knowledge of the proposal. Why? Because of a tricky thing called interchange fees. Right now, every time you swipe your debit card, your bank charges the retailer an average fee of 44 cents, which it shares with its partners. Those little fees, however, add up to about $16 billion per year, according to 2009 data from the Federal Reserve.
If the changes go into effect customers are expected to withdraw more cash from ATM’s and use credit cards more often.
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What to buy on a budget: “Riviera Club and Highland are new men's lines that are well-priced.”
LA-brx-0302-mensfashion-19Beyond the boutiques
Not everyone (ourselves included!) wants to throw down hundred-dollar bills on every item. Here are our recommendations on some springtime alternatives that won't break the bank.

Chinos: Look to Dockers, where the once-billowy pants that fill your dad's closet have slimmed down and have a price point to match. Our favorite menswear blogs are going nuts for the brand's new SF Tapered line — you can get them in khaki, but something tells us Refuge Green will turn a few more heads. www.dockers.com

Shirts: With pants like these, you'll need shirts to match. After ogling Band of Outsiders' latest option, pick up one from J. Crew's madras line, which comes in five eye-popping colorways. In stores and online at www.jcrew.com

Shoes: There are dozens of white sneakers on the market, but it's impossible to go wrong with and tough to go cheaper than Converse's Jack Purcells, a summer staple that only gets better with age. For a more dressed-up look, Urban Outfitters has a $58 take on suede bucks, an option that'll impress at the office or on the street (and save you about $300 compared to the rightfully gushed-over Mark McNairy versions that brought the style back in the first place). In stores and online at www.urbanoutfitters.com

Suiting: While you'll have to forgive us for not spilling all our thrift-store secrets, here are a few of our regular haunts: Los Feliz Goodwill, a seemingly endless source of jackets and blazers; It's a Wrap, perhaps L.A.'s best bet for half-off or better suits from Hugo Boss and other name brands; and Everything's Jake, a “Mad Men” watcher's dream with vintage pieces from the '40s through '60s.

LifeProof iPhone Case

Do you drop your iPhone every time you turns a corner, and then manages to kick it into a puddle full of dirty rain water?   If so, then that puny bumper your iPrecious is wrapped in sure isn’t going to do you any good. The LifeProof iPhone Case ($70), however, has all four proofs: water, shock, dirt and snow, down pat. With an unobtrusive, fully-sealed form (think: ruggedized version of Apple’s bumper) the case adds just 1.5mm of depth to the slim iPhone profile and is designed to military specifications against shock, water and dust. The LifeProof case even has 2 meter water resistance (or, the shower), double AR-coated optical glass and soon, an optional waterproof headphone adapter. Maybe now you can manage to actually get two years of life from your phone between replacements.

iPad2 v Motorola Xoom:  Which is Better?

The comparisons between the Motorola Xoom and The Apple iPad 2 were inevitable. So which is the better tablet?

That all depends. You have to keep in mind that each device is totally different in its own way.  
The Apple iPad 2 comes with its Apple A5 chip, 1GHz dual-core CPU processor compared with the Motorola Xoom’s Tegra 2, 1GHz dual-core CPU which is also amazing hardware

When it comes to the OS, we cant deny that the Android 3.0 Honeycomb is the winner compared to the iOS 4.3. For those who loves taking pictures, the motorola xoom is the winner with its 5MP rear, 2MP front, 720p video compated to the VGA front, 720p video rear of the Apple iPad 2. 

When it comes to the price, Apple is the winner.

Finally, there is no questioning the fact that Apple's iPad 2 will be a commercial success after having having owned the tablet market for a full year, it'd be ridiculous if it weren't.  Brand name recognition and interface familiarity go a long way, and Apple has mastered the are tof making its products almost painfully simple to use.  However, for users who want more robust features, choices, and customization potential, though, the Xoom tablet and its Android operating system are light years ahead. 
Maintaining Your Nails

In the realm of personal hygiene, your fingernails should rest somewhere between your breath and body odor. Nothing says "crude caveman" more than dirty, gnarled nails or jagged, bloody cuticles.


During your shower, push back your cuticles (the skin-like tissue covering the base of the nail) using the back of your thumbnail. This will keep your nails looking clean and your cuticles from getting caught on something and ripping.

After showering, your nails are soft and easier to trim with a pair of nail clippers. We recommend the "Ultra-Slim Stainless Steel Nail Clipper" by the German knife company, Zwilling. Just don't cut the nail shorter than the tip of the finger.
Never bite or pull off hangnails. Doing so will rip your hand's living tissue. Instead, use scissors to clip hangnails, leaving a small angle outward.
Filing the nails isn't always necessary, but is a practical way of finishing them to a smooth edge. An emory board like Mom uses would work, but you should really find one with a finer grit. Did you know they come in grades like sandpaper? We like Tweezerman's pocket file—with a built-in nail cleaner, long-lasting ceramic stone and travel-handy switchblade design, you really get your money's worth.
The occasional manicure by a professional will give you nice, even nails that can be easily maintained. But if the manicurist suggests a polish, ask for a buff instead.
And remember, nails need moisture just like skin. Rub lotion into your nails when moisturizing your hands. A good time for doing this? Right before bed.
Fashion Tips for Thick Guys

It’s not easy out there for large men, since whether short or tall, most fashion forward clothes aren’t necessarily designed with you in mind. However, there are a few tricks to create slimness through small details that trick the eye through illusion, or distraction:
  • Vertical Lines: Subtle vertical lines can draw the eye up, creating the artificial thinness. Be careful though, because if the lines are too bold or wide they will emphasize your weight, not conceal it.
  • The Undershirt: Try and wear an undershirt when you can – especially when wearing a dress shirt – since it will create an even silhouette to dress over.
  • Thin Lapels: More likely than not, if you’ve got a few extra pound, some of it occurs near the face and neck; this lapels conceal this.
  • V-Necks: Similarly, a v-neck t-shirt will thin out your neck through the absence of material around it; and since you’ve probably got a barrel chest, it can lend the appearance of muscle.
  • A Good Fit: This counts more for you than any other man. A tight fit shows off what you want to conceal, but a too-loose fit makes you look like a shapeless. Your clothes should be trim to your body without hugging it.
  • Similar Colors: Sticking to similar colors tricks the observer’s eye into creating height, making you look leaner. The best example is a buttoned suit, where the lack of a break between the jacket and trousers creates a unifying effect, adding height.
  • The Belt: Keep your belt as tight as is comfortable; this is important, if it’s too tight, you’ll draw the eye to your waistline.
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