Black turtleneckIn an effort to maintain a respectable level of masculinity, your average gentleman tends to shy away from attire that may be deemed too delicate or effeminate. And that is perfectly fine if that is your preference and those are your rules. A notable exception to your rules: cashmere. The elegant epitome of cold weather refinement, this majestic offering from the Kashmir goat should definitely enjoy extended residency in your closet. If you are purchasing cashmere for the first time, your first encounter will probably involve some variety of winter sweater. 

Here are few selections you should have in your dresser drawer and how you should be wearing them.
Gentlemen, we are wearing turtlenecks again. Under blazers. Under sport coats. Or simply by themselves. Because, we all know that the right kind of turtleneck is undeniably cool; we are talking Samuel L. Jackson circa year 2000 John Shaft cool. Not bad company to be in. Just ensure that you keep the silhouette tailored to your fit and the colors relatively dark.  

Brown v neck sweaterThe most desirable attribute that well-dressed gentlemen primarily seek in cashmere is its signature luxurious softness. However, one would be remiss to forget another important quality: durability. To be sure, your cashmere sweater should be supremely resilient. Therefore, selecting a sweater with two-ply construction would be in your best interest. Two-ply simply means that two cashmere yarns have been spun together to produce a significantly sturdy piece of thread  
Heather gray cardiganEven if you haven’t exactly secured that corner office  yet, and a sport coat & blazer may be a smidgen too much for your cubicle. Nevertheless, a cashmere cardigan married with woolen trousers, pressed khakis, or tailored denim will keep you from looking like a financially distressed college student. 
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