Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bo' Diddley Diddley Dee, RIP the Overweight Lover

Heavy D, or Dwight Arrington Myers, was a rapper from a time when horns weren't used ironically musically, when the idea of a hip-hop ballad was new and taken ever so seriously, just as sunglasses inside. Choreographed dancing and rapping were practices not entirely opposed; they were celebrated. For that time, and until he passed away one week ago today, Heavy D was a man who owned what he was — 
take, for instance, his own line from "Gyrlz, They Love Me" (How can that big old boy get all them womens?), or, you know, that yellow suit up there — and created his own success from it. Which is something we believe in, and is something like a style legacy.

While Heavy D may have transitioned from this life to the next, at the very least, we know "Now That We Found Love" will play on at house parties as long as people can appreciate getting the party started.... 

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