It’s not easy out there for large men, since whether short or tall, most fashion forward clothes aren’t necessarily designed with you in mind. However, there are a few tricks to create slimness through small details that trick the eye through illusion, or distraction:
  • Vertical Lines: Subtle vertical lines can draw the eye up, creating the artificial thinness. Be careful though, because if the lines are too bold or wide they will emphasize your weight, not conceal it.
  • The Undershirt: Try and wear an undershirt when you can – especially when wearing a dress shirt – since it will create an even silhouette to dress over.
  • Thin Lapels: More likely than not, if you’ve got a few extra pound, some of it occurs near the face and neck; this lapels conceal this.
  • V-Necks: Similarly, a v-neck t-shirt will thin out your neck through the absence of material around it; and since you’ve probably got a barrel chest, it can lend the appearance of muscle.
  • A Good Fit: This counts more for you than any other man. A tight fit shows off what you want to conceal, but a too-loose fit makes you look like a shapeless. Your clothes should be trim to your body without hugging it.
  • Similar Colors: Sticking to similar colors tricks the observer’s eye into creating height, making you look leaner. The best example is a buttoned suit, where the lack of a break between the jacket and trousers creates a unifying effect, adding height.
  • The Belt: Keep your belt as tight as is comfortable; this is important, if it’s too tight, you’ll draw the eye to your waistline.


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