The Ermenegildo Zegna Centennial Suit

Heritage, both our own and our favorite brands', is a big part of men's style, and for fall, Ermenegildo Zegna is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a new heritage-inspired Centennial collection. This three-piece suit is made from cloth that's a near-identical reproduction of the first fabric produced by Zegna in 1910. Like any great suit, heritage is best worn lightly. Two-button Centennial Fabric No. 1 suit ($3,295), vest ($900), cotton-and-silk shirt with collar bar ($395), and silk tie ($175) by Ermenegildo Zegna.
How to stay in shape without a gym membership

Gym memberships can get pricey, time consuming and flat-out inconvenient after awhile. But don't let that become your excuse for not working out. You can get some of the best cardio and muscle training right at home. Laundry bags, stairs, chairs and even the bare floor can help build strength and endurance and burn fat. Here are some back-to-the-basics tips for creating your own workout without breaking the bank:

1. Get Stable
Shoulder rolls, back arches and raises, leg extensions and more can be done on a Swiss Training Ball (or stability ball). Perfect for stretching, the balls are not only cost-efficient at $30 to $80 but can give you the maximum, full-body stretch prior to a workout session. A 75 or 85 cm size ball will usually do the trick. Stability balls are also great for more advanced exercises like side-to-side leg rolls and one-armed push-ups.

2. Jumping Jacks
This is "old school" at its finest. Use jumping jacks to warm up and get the heart rate pumping in preparation for a more intense workout. Just five minutes of jumping jacks after stretching helps tone and condition your body. Jumping jacks work the shoulders, back, thighs and calves and help develop overall stamina and endurance.

3. Completely Floored
Push-ups and sit-ups are classic moves that you can use at home, in front of the TV, on the road—anywhere. Push-ups work the chest, shoulders, abs and triceps while sit-ups predominantly work the abdominal muscles. Three or four sets of 25 to 50 is a great addition to any workout regimen.

4. Show Some Resistance
Enhance basic lunges, squats and bicep curls with resistance bands. Bands are lightweight for travel and usually cost between $6 to $20. First, know your colors. Usually, the various colors of the bands will tell the resistance of each: yellow (light), red (medium) and green (heavy). For squats, try standing with legs shoulder-width apart. Hold bands at shoulder length while standing and during each squat then return to original position. To work triceps, stand with resistance band along your back, holding the tubing in one hand and stretching the other band with your other hand over your head.

5. In the Bag
Laundry is one chore that naturally burns calories, but hold off on dumping your dirty clothes in the washing machine. Instead, use the weight from your fully-loaded laundry bag to get a stronger core. Lift the bag directly in front of you and keep it away from your body to get the maximum resistance. Do multiple repetitions—you'll feel it working your biceps, shoulders, chest and abs. Need more weight? Try sandbag training to build even more strength and endurance.

6. Stairs
Jog up and down stairwells or bleachers for a great cardio workout. Try running up six to 12 flights at your fullest speed then rest for two or three minutes in between. You can still walk up a few flights during the rest period to maintain your heart rate. To increase lower body strength, try climbing every other step. Round out your weekly cardio regimen by jogging, walking or riding your bike at least three or four times per week.

7. Dumbbells
Bicep curls, shoulder presses and tricep extensions are some of the exercises you can do at home using dumbbells. To work the chest, lay flat on your back, or on a bench, holding the dumbbells above your chest with arms extended up. Lower dumbbells to your chest then back up again. Try lying face down on the bench and lift the dumbbells to work the back.

8. Chair Presses
Take a quick break during the day to work the triceps, chest muscles and back. Whether you are at home or the office, find a chair, sit upright and place your hands on either arm of the chair with feet flat on the floor and pull yourself for a count of 10. Return to your sitting position and repeat. Lower-back muscles are stabilized and strengthened with this exercise—and it's free!

9. Park It
Grab a tree trunk or monkey bar at the local park to build upper body strength or invest in an affordable in-house chin-up/pull-up bar. ( Both exercises force you to lift your own body weight, giving you the maximum bicep and back workout. Pull-ups with palms facing away works the back while chin-ups (palms facing you) work the biceps more.

10. Jump Rope
Aside from the obvious cardio benefits, jumping rope can help develop coordination, agility, quickness and endurance for $5 or less (some double-weight beaded ropes can cost $10 to $40). A basic jump rope workout for 30 minutes can provide the same cardio session as any elliptical machine.

American R&B/soul singer, songwriter, and producer Kem Owens, professionally known as Kem, dealt with homelessness, addiction, and isolation from his family. He was caught shoplifting beer from 7-11.

He did not overcome these issues until he turned to spirituality and music. "My career didn't take off until I connected with my spirituality," he said. "That's why I take time on stage and on the album to administer spirituality to people. That's one of the things that I am most proud of."

This video promoting his new album "Intimacy" represents all that style is all about ---good vibes, fashion, and people.
Back to School in Style

Everyone from grade schoolers to graduate schoolers are headed back to school. The Schoolyard Wardrobe this year is leaning toward a "preppy-chic" look which can be dressed up or dressed down. Trendsetters on across the country are pairing this look with baseball caps and bow-ties.
Got chocolate milk?

Enjoy your favorite childhood drink again—without the guilt.

Grandma—and OK, those Got Milk ads—were certainly right about how “milk does a body good.” And now research shows that our favorite childhood drink—chocolate milk—isn’t just for kids anymore. This delicious beverage is a fast-acting, whole food alternative that is not just satisfying—it also aids in exercise recovery.

Adequate protein and a good source of carbohydrates after training are critical for stimulating protein regeneration in our muscles, replenishing glycogen storage and preventing catabolism, i.e., breakdown of muscles. To prevent breakdown, roughly 0.1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is recommended after training. One cup of chocolate milk is rich in essential amino acids (EAA) and carbohydrates, and provides about 7.5 grams of protein. Also, studies show that when chocolate milk is compared against other sports drinks, it’s superior in increasing endurance during exercise and as a recovery fuel. After all, milk is rich in whey, the highest quality protein available, contains the right amount of carbs per cup, and is loaded with potassium, vitamins A and D, and riboflavin, which are all needed for muscle, immune and bone health as well as for energy metabolism.?

The sports beverage industry has tried to keep up with the chocolate milk trend by offering ready-to-drink selections with many varieties available. But convenient, on-the-run fuel unfortunately comes with several drawbacks, including artificial ingredients, excess calories and too much lactose—the milk sugar that causes gas and cramping for those with limited tolerance.

The taste of premixed shakes is no match to our homemade AGB Style enriched, lactose-free chocolate milk made of whey isolate (which is more digestible than the concentrate form) and almond milk. The shake boasts 28 grams of protein, which is equal to a 4-oz lean chicken breast and is more than enough for post-exercise muscle repair. At 180 calories and nearly fat-free (1.5 grams of fat), it’s perfect for those watching their weight while meeting 25% of the daily recommendation for calcium. Our drink even provides 2 grams of fiber, helping you feel satiated longer. Its rich chocolate flavor is enhanced by the texture of the almond milk and potassium-rich bananas. Unsweetened almond milk contains only half the calories of whole milk. The coffee booster will also help with muscle recovery, rushing carbs back into the muscles and sparing protein for building, not to mention adding a cerebral kick to jumpstart your day.

Do it yourself
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein isolate
½ c. low fat unsweetened almond milk
½ small banana?
2 tbsp of fat-free plain Greek yogurt
½ tsp of vanilla
½ tsp cinnamon?
½ c. organic brewed coffee

1. Add all ingredients together in blender.
2. Puree, chill and serve.
Tips for building muscle to gain strength and get the body you want

The best way to achieve muscular growth and strength is to change up your workout often and constantly attack muscle groups from different angles.

Chauncey Graham, an ISSA certified personal trainer suggests, doing a variety of different lifts for each muscle group and changing routines each week will promote growth. "Hitting the muscle from different vantage points will increase definition. The solution to achieving muscular growth and strength is to incorporate as many motor units possible in a periodized workout routine which consists of many different lifts for each muscle group," Graham advises.

In simpler terms, do not do the same thing all the time, change your sets, repetitions, and the duration to achieve your fitness goals!
Italian Shoe Construction, Step-by-Step

All men should invest in a pair of high-quality shoes. Not only will they look sharper with your suits and jeans, but they will also last longer, and you’ll be able to resole them repeatedly. But that begs the question. What makes a good shoe?

Fine footwear has three parts:
1) The outsole, which is the piece that comes into contact with the ground,
2) The insole, which comes into contact with your foot and
3) The upper, which covers the top of your foot.

The distinction is in how these pieces are sewn together. Two popular types of shoe construction are Blake and Rapid Blake.

The Blake, that is the traditional Italian way, comprises attaching the upper, insole and outsole with a single interior stitch. (A guy named Blake invented this method in 1856.) Because the stitch is on the inside, it is possible to cut the edges of the soles very close to the shoe’s base, producing footwear with a low, elegant silhouette. The downside is that water can seep into the shoe since the stitching goes from the outsole directly into the foot bed. (But then again, you shouldn’t be wearing your good shoes in the rain anyway.)

Rapid Blake is similar to Blake construction but with an additional layer involved: the midsole. The insole is stitched to the midsole, which in turn is affixed to the outsole via a row of exterior stitches. This solves the water problem, but makes Rapid Blake shoes unable to have soles as thin and flexible as those of the traditional Blake models.
A few words about fabric...

After a couple decades lost to oversized shoulder pads, droopy lapels, and billowy trousers, a new generation of designers has helped introduce a new generation of guys (yourself among them, perhaps) to a radical concept: A suit, even an off the rack suit, should fit like it was made just for you. But not all suits are cut from the cloth. Literally.

We asked noted menswear design Shaka King for advice. "Remember this: A fabric should be seasonably appropriate, breathable, durable and it has to feel good," said King. For summer, King recommends blends. "A blend gives the suit a lighter hand — that is, it feels lighter — and it drapes easily." Worsted wool, on the other hand, is good for three seasons. King advises, "If you're going to be wearing a suit often, invest in a high quality fabric. You want the fabric to be durable, not to get shiny or thin." Or as Shani Lawson, lead menswear buyer for Macy's Inc., poetically explains, "A good fabric should be like wine. It should get better with age."

But even following those guidelines, there's a lot of jargon that is thrown around when discussing fabric. Some of it is important, some less so. Though Super 100s and Super 120s are good signposts that you're dealing with a high quality fabric, the most important thing is to get a hand on it. "If you touch enough fabric," Lawson says, "your fingertips develop a certain memory." Lawson advises, "If you are looking for worsted suits, you're looking for a smoothness and an evenness in the way the fabrics looks. That smoothness is the product of proper shearing."

A lot of suits today, says King, are made with high spun yarns. The more high spun the yarn, the higher the TPI — that's twist per inch — and the fuller bodied the fabric seems. "When you have high twist yarns," King says, "you try to feel the nervousness of the fabric. To do this. take the fabric in your hands and smush it. Then see how fast or strongly it bounces back." The faster it bounces back, the more nervous it is. "Fabrics are like good horses. They should be nervous."
Wine and Cheese Pairings: A Guide

Ever have problems trying to figure out which cheese goes with which wine? Don't worry, you're not alone. Hell, i'm just graduating from buying wines with a screw-on tops.

Anyway, to give you some guidance we asked the shopkeeper at a "high-end" deli to suggest wines and beers that would complement different cheeses’ unique flavors. Her tips:

SeaHive: “There is a sweetness to the SeaHive, partially because we hand-rub the outside with wildflower honey and salt. Those flavors go best with something crisp, like a sauvignon blanc or a dry Riesling.”

Barely Buzzed: “This is good with a pinot noir — a red that’s more mellow than robust — or a chocolate stout. Both mix with, rather than overpower, the slightly bitter coffee undertones of the cheese.”

Curds: “The curds are like potato chips, in that they’re slightly salty and chewy; they’re a good snack food. They go well with a plain pilsner.”

Full Moon: “Go with a Zinfandel here, as its sweet notes will tone down the Full Moon’s creaminess.”

Promontory: “This is our base cheddar, and it is so very versatile: It can go with a red or a white. Personally, I’d choose a muvedre, but a pinot grigio would go just as nicely.”

Apple Walnut: “This is a creamy cheese, but it has a slight intensity because we smoke the wheel over walnut shells and apples. It would go well with an oak-monster white or a cabernet.”
New Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite

Ever since teasers of the Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite first surfaced, fanatics have gone crazy in anticipation. The shoes went on sale on August 14th and were available to only select Nike retailers. The new Air Force 1's will be made available to the "rest of us" in the coming months.
How to get a great haircut!

Communication! Communication! Communication!

Truthfully, the only way to get a great haircut is to explain what you want carefully. Barbers/stylist aren't mind readers. If you are having trouble verbalizing what you want, search the internet and magazines for a look that you feel "best" suits you. Pick your top two or three, and show them to your barber and let him/her make the final decision.

Most barbers appreciate when their clients have a picture of what they would like. Also, make sure your barber or stylist listens and can confidently communicate back to you how they are going to achieve that look for you.

Without proper communications you could have another surprise coming!
Stylish eyewear for less

Warby Parker, an upstart eyewear company started by four students who met at the Wharton School of Business, has come up with an interesting new concept in eyewear sales. They have cut out the middleman and offer vintage-inspired acetate eyeglasses directly to consumers for only $95.

Warby Parker offers twenty-seven classic frame styles in black, tortoise, amber, crystal and a variety of other brighter colors. They even offer one monocle, “the perfect accessory for budding robber barons, post-colonial tyrants and super villains.”

To see how frames look on your face, you can upload a photograph of yourself to the Warby Parker website and try on frames using their Virtual Try-On service. When you have narrowed your selection you can take advantage of their Home Try-On service. Warby Parker will ship you up to five pair of frames, free of charge, to try on at home for five days. GQ Magazine has called Warby Parker “the Netflix of eyewear.”
Groomed guys have better job prospects

What: Is a clean shaven face really the secret to career success? That seems to be the result of a new survey, where 90 percent of HR professionals said being well-groomed is more important than a firm handshake when it comes time for a job interview.

What They Say:“How you look has a direct impact on how you feel, your confidence and self-esteem,” said Mark Jeffries, business consultant, communications expert and author. “This is as true for guys actively seeking a job as it is for those who are currently employed and seek a competitive advantage. At the same time, seemingly small details, like a clean shave or a great-fitting—but not necessarily expensive suit—send important visual cues to others about your professionalism and confidence.”

What We Say: It might not seem fair that job applicants are judged based on looks, but it’s a harsh reality in today’s competitive job market. Looking sloppy sends a negative message to most employers that a candidate is lazy or doesn’t care. With so much at stake when it comes to landing a dream job, it’s worth it to pick up a razor on interview day, even if being clean shaven isn’t your regular look.
Health food Fail ! :  V8 Splash

It's hard to stomach that the makers of the creme de la creme 100% vegetable juice drink V8 vegetable juice, fails so miserably when it comes to duplicating that success on fruit drinks. V8-Splash is sugar laden drink with no healthy benefits whatsoever.

Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Carrot Juice from Concentrate (Water, Carrot Juice Concentrate), Apple Juice from Concentrate (Water, Apple Juice Concentrate), Citric Acid, Natural Flavoring, Peach Juice from Concentrate (Water, Peach Juice Concentrate), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate), Mango Puree Concentrate, Beta Carotene.

In the advertising world using the term healthy is perfectly legal. There is NO legal definition of “healthy” or “natural” so the marketing people can state whatever they think will sell more product. They are taking advantage of the fact that we think V8 means healthy or rightous. V8 Splash is anything but.
InDesign:  Andrew Nowell Menswear

Andrew Nowell is a New York City born, Washington, DC based, menswear designer who draws his inspiration from “Saville Row, vintage Tuxedo’s, Tom of Finland and Goth rockers. His designs are for “anyone who’s willing to be edgy and dangerous.”

Andrew Nowell Menswear has developed a solid reputation and thriving private clientele that includes celebrities, professional athletes, recording artists, musicians, and everyday joes. He has been featured in numerous fashion and trade shows events across the country.

Currently his designs can be found at trunks shows in a couple of upscale boutiques along the east coast or through his website here. He also relies on word of mouth to further increase brand awareness.

This up and coming designer is definitely one to watch.

Photo credit: Shawn Punch Photography
Putting your best face forward

3 ingredients to avoid when selecting a facial moisturizer

A beautiful face doesn't just happen, it has to be nurtured.

The one key item that every man should have in their grooming kit says expert barber and grooming consultant Craig Whitely, a and frequent contributor to Men's Health magazine, is a face moisturizer.

"Your skin will love you for it, and so will your friends and co-workers," said Whitely. "Trust me; no one likes to look at a dry face."

With the growing assortment of new grooming products on the market for men deciding on a moisturizer for your face can be a bit overwhelming. While there are many good products in all price ranges by a variety of brands here are three ingredients Whitely suggest you should always, always, always avoid when shopping for a facial moisturizer.

Shea Butter – rich in fatty acids and vitamins like A, E and F; but, because it’s very thick, it’s better to use on the body and NOT the face.
Lanolin Oil – prone to aggravating acne.
Mineral Oil – creates a film on the skin which can trick your skin into thinking it’s actually hydrated. It’s also thick and clogs pores which may lead to breakouts.

Via "Craig the Barber"
Nike Air Force 1 x Jay-Z

JAY-Z has joined forces with Nike to create an iconic collection of Air Force Ones – the All Black Everything collection in honor of the World Basketball Festival currently taking place in NYC.

Nike has donated the five unique pairs of the shoes to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation who in turn has joined forces with eBay to auction off the shoes to provide scholarships to promising college students. The auction began on August the 12, and ends on August 22, at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Bdders can visit to enter a bid. Only two pairs of each of the five designs will be created, one for the winning bidder and one for the man behind the design, JAY-Z.
Shaving products designed just for us

Barc offers a line of specific products designed for various skin tones, shades, and types, that have not been addressed by a mass market skin care company until now.

Barc comes in a lotion form that doesn't leave you feeling greasy and helps fight razor burn and ingrown hair. It is
great for ethnic skin.

If you live on the US East Coast, you shouldn't have much trouble finding Barc. For those of you somewhere in between California and New York, you might have to hit the Web. It might take a day or two to get to you, but it's worth the wait!
"Takers" steps up  Hollywood's fashion game

Seems like Hollywood has overcome the casual look on the silver screens, and opted for a more “Suited Up” look in the movie "Takers".

The look extended beyond the screen and to the movie premiere where T.I. and his co-stars attended in uber coolness.

T.I. showed up and showed out in this ice grey suit and tie. He has come a long way from his days in ATL huh? Killa.
10 tips to save you money now

While the economy has improved over the past several months it certainly hasn't improved to the point where many of us are all that comfortable. Too many of us are still forced to find ways to try to find ways to enjoy life and while holding on to more of the money we have.

Saving money is neither a science nor an art; rather it is somewhere in between and requires your commitment and hard work. Saving money takes time to develop, needs to be learnt, and brings benefits that will endure for the rest of your life.

Here are 10 easy steps that can save you over $500 this month without feeling the pinch.

1.) Stock up during supermarket sales.
"Get as many of your favorites as will keep without going bad," says Gregory Karp, a financial columnist and author of Living Rich by Spending Smart. Wise shopping can cut your bill by 20%.
Savings: $50

2.) Increase your auto insurance deductibles.
Assuming you've already shopped around for the best rate (which many people haven't), it's time to up your deductible ($1,000 a car is good, if you're not already there). You don't really want to submit smaller claims to your insurer anyway, says Karp, because they can cause your premium to skyrocket.
Savings for two cars: $40

3.) Stop buying bottled water.
"This is the biggest waste of money ever," says Karp. "get the fanciest, coolest reusable bottle you can find. You'll still save money."
Savings: $52

4.) Downgrade your cable plan.
We'd never suggest that you cancel your DVR service, but chances are you spend most of your time watching network and basic cable, so drop the full service and premium channels. And try to think of HD service as a luxury, not a necessity.
Savings: $48

5.) Rediscover the library.

If you're spending $14 a month on a Netflix subscription and $25 on a new book every month, it's time to dig up your library card (or get one!). Movies, music, and books are all free at your local library, and many now let you request stuff online.
Savings: $39

6.) Switch to a prepaid cell phone.
Most guys make lots of calls but don't use many minutes. You may be better off buying a prepaid cell. You can keep your number, and it will cost you less than $10 a month.
Savings: $80

7.) Use bargain printer ink.

The quality might not be as good, but if you're just printing out directions or emails, who cares?
Savings: $55

8.) Cancel your landline.

Now that cell phones have full 911 service, most people have no need for a home phone. If you still want to feel connected without your cell, try Vonage or a product called Magic Jack, which works through your Internet connection and provides a phone line with all the extras for $20 a year. Otherwise, cut the cord.
Savings: $40

9.) Buy restaurant coupons.
Websites like offer discounts at more than 8,500 restaurants in the U.S. many of us may eat out twice a week, which can add up.
Savings: $120

10.) Give your razor blades some TLC.
Disposable blades dull from rust, not use. Lengthen their lifespan — and cut the number you use by half — by shaking off excess water after each shave.
Savings: $12

Three style tips from Dwayne Wade

A scene stealer on and off the court, Miami Heat shooting guard Dwayne Wade knows how to play the game, even when he's prepping for a red carpet event. Never an easy feat when you're talking fitted clothes on a 6'4", 220-pound frame. Wade's secret: Trust your gut. "Always follow your own fashion instincts," he says. "Let your personality reflect in how you dress. It'll make you feel better about yourself."

Listen Up
"If someone is wearing a piece that's fly, folks will usually comment on it. And they will definitely talk about someone's fashion that's not right!"

Stand Out
D-Wade doesn't want to get lost in the crowd. "Last year during All-Star weekend I took a risk by wearing a bow tie and glasses. People had fun talking about it, but that's the reaction I wanted."

Play Favorites
If you have a go-to designer, stick with them. You'll know exactly what sizes fit right, and they'll always have some thing you like. Wade's picks? Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci.
"Tiny Tim" Camo sneakers by John Bartlett

This past spring menswear designer John Bartlett introduced the first pair of sneaker he's made (above). If you look closely, you'll notice camouflage pattern is actually "Tiny Tim," John's beloved three-legged dog/logo. We're told the sale of these sneaks have been very strong, so you should probably see them widely distributed beyond his shop in New York's West Village.

I recently "copped" a pair and the shape is perfect, and it's a nice, non-jarring augment to your standard canvas summer shoe. And, they feel great too.
Wind down get away, the Inn at Langley

The Inn at Langley offers the perfect way to wind down from hot and hectic summer and ease into the fall. Located on beautiful rugged Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound in Washington State, each of the Inn at Langley's 16 guest rooms has sweeping views of Puget Sound's Saratoga Passage. A feast of the local bounty and astounding scenery are served up with all-natural Pacific Northwest character and slow-paced island romance.

Why to go

Mountains * Romantic * Travel * Food and Wine

A stay at this jewel of a hotel is on sale now at Gilt Groupe's Jetsetter Travel Not a Member? use our invite here. Join and start saving today.
Dish Network to bring live TV to iPhone/iPad

The next battle in the pay TV wars is being waged away from the TV. Rumors are flying that Verizon FiOS subscribers will be able to watch TV on a forthcoming tablet from Motorola, and now Dish Network is bringing live TV streaming to mobile devices for its customers.

Dish’s streaming will be coming to iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, and BlackBerry phones next month, with Android device supporting following in October. The company will be making use of Sling Media’s technology in order for subscribers to tap into their home set-top boxes. Customers can either purchase a SlingBox, or move up to Dish’s HD DVRs that feature SlingBox tech.

While Dish already has mobile apps that let you control your home set-top box remotely, these will be updated to allow for live TV. Aside from any hardware updates customers need to make, the live TV service will be available for no extra cost. One limitation with the setup is that if your DVR only has a single tuner, you’re forced to watch whatever someone is watching on your home TV. DVRs with a second tuner would allow the mobile viewer to watch something different than what someone at home is watching via the same box.

It appears likely that every pay TV service will have to offer a mobile streaming service to customers in order to stay competitive. That means watching your favorite shows on the go will graduate from a niche offering at additional cost (Flo TV anyone?) to a free add-on — as long as you’re already a subscriber.
How to buy a grown man suit

Know your likes, your dislikes, and what you need it for (work, funerals, court).

Squeeze the fabric — if it bounces back with little or no sign of wrinkling, that means it's good, sturdy material. And tug the buttons gently. If they feel loose or wobbly, that means they're probably coming off sooner rather than later.

The jacket's shoulder pads are supposed to square with your shoulders; if they droop off or leave dents in the cloth, the jacket's too big. The jacket sleeves should never meet the wrist any lower than the base of the thumb — if they do, ask to go down a size. Always get fitted.

Check the stitching on the jacket. If there is only one single thread in a wavy pattern, it is hand sewn and the stitches are much more resilient than a suit with the two thread chain-like, machine patterned threads. Custom, hand-made suits are the best!

Keep it strictly stylish!
Collard Green Slaw

Collard greens add dimension and body to what would otherwise be a standard interpretation of slaw. Another bonus is that the greens, aside from being inexpensive, are rich in vitamins and minerals that don’t get cooked out because they are left raw.

MAKE AHEAD: The dressing can be made 1 day in advance; the slaw must be made several hours in advance.

12 servings


3/4 cup white wine vinegar
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon dry mustard
1 tablespoon celery seed
2 teaspoons sweet Hungarian paprika
Freshly ground black pepper
2 pounds (2 large bunches) collard greens, thick stems removed, leaves halved lengthwise and cut crosswise into 1/4-inch strips (about 16 cups)
1 medium head napa cabbage, cored, cut in half, then cut into very thin slices (8 cups)
About 6 large carrots, peeled and coarsely grated (4 cups)

For the dressing: Whisk together the vinegar, oil, sugar, mustard, celery seeds and paprika in a small bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

For the slaw: Combine the collard greens, cabbage and carrots in a very large bowl. Pour the dressing over them, stirring to coat them well. Season generously with salt and pepper. Refrigerate until the collard greens soften and wilt slightly, stirring occasionally, at least 1 hour and up to 3 hours.
Harlem celebrates!

For the past 35 years, New Yorkers have taken to the streets of Harlem to celebrate that neighborhood's historic role as the epicenter of the nation's African-American cultural, and business center.

Week, New York City’s largest outdoor festival, has produced new activities highlighting another of the many positive and relevant aspects of the African-American, Latino, Caribbean-American, and European-American cultures of Harlem. In fact,

Harlem Week is a bit of a misnomre in that in the same way Black History Month is celebrated for more than four weeks, Harlem Week too is celebrated quite joyously throughout all of August and beyond.

The theme of this year’s Harlem Week is focused on “The Children of Hait.”

One of Harlem Week’s not-to-be-missed highlights is scheduled for August 14th from 2-8pm: Uptown Saturday Nite, a free event taking place on W. 135th St. from Malcolm X Blvd. to St. Nicholas Ave., highlighted by live music featuring performances of the Electric Slide and a reggae Dance Tribute to Bob Marley. The day also includes the National Historic Black College Fair & Expo, and the Children’s Festival, which takes place over two days on the 14th & 15th (Harlem Day), focusing much of its entertainment and exhibits around recreation and exercise to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle to children and families.

And then it’s time for Harlem Day (August 15th), the biggest event of the month. This daylong extravaganza of events is held on multiple stages with live performances and entertainment. All performances take place on 135th Street and run until 7pm. Another crowd favorite, the Upper Manhattan Auto Show, runs from 10am to 7pm, and the Health Fair and Children’s Festival continue.

Harlem Week has become America’s largest cultural celebration, and each year, it attracts millions of individuals to Harlem, the world’s most famous neighborhood to share traditions, new trends, and that incomparable joie de vivre -- which is nothing more than Harlem style.
Keeping it together during the dog days of summer

Late summer manscaping!

1. Keep facial hair light and trim. Nothing like ’stache or goatee sweat to sour your summer sexy. Also, remember to trim the hair at the back of your neck–no explanation necessary.

2. If you want the smooth Mr. Clean look across your entire body, try waxing. Don’t worry, all of your friends are doing it—they’re just not telling you. It’s a heavily guarded secret in the manscaping circles–do you actually think that there are men out there who are naturally smooth and hairless as a baby’s bottom? Surely, you jest….but if you are unable to withstand the prickly pain of waxing, invest in series of laser hair removal treatments. Same effect, longer time period.

3. Manicures and pedicures are essential to the soul–and to ensuring that your look is complete. Don’t worry—just make sure that the services are basic–no shiny buffing or clear coats needed. Clean nails and toes are always welcome in any summery situation (especially pool parties, bonfires, and beach bashes).

4. If you must tan, forego the tanning beds and use a sunless tanning lotion like Neutrogena Build-a-Tan® Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion. Besides averting the direct risk of developing skin cancer by lounging in a tanning bed, it will provide a natural-looking transition from your frosty winter sheen to a bronze and browned demigod.

Model: Quick da Model
How to tie a bow tie

Call it nostalgic neckwear if you must, but any way you twist it, bow ties are back.

Sales of the ties, dismissed for years as a quirky accessory for your crusty old chemistry professor or oddball uncle, are up. Even as sales of traditional ties are down, the popularity of classic fashion looks is driving the re-emergence of bow ties into the mainstream.

As bow ties made their appearance in pop culture in recent years, showing up everywhere from television to NBA locker rooms (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard have all shown an affinity for bow ties).

In order to jump on this bandwagon you must first learn how to tie one. You can learn how to do here.
IPhone 5 on the horizon?

From the Rumor Mill.... Apple is pushing up the release date of the fifth-generation IPhone to "early 2011". Read: January.

The reason, because of the IPhone 4's chronic antenna and image issues.

It’s unknown whether this will be a repackaging of iPhone 4 components in a different shell or something more substantial.
Jay-Z latest artist to introduce a line of headphones

Jay-Z is the latest artist to launch his own line of headphones joining Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and Diddy. Jay-Z has partnered with Skullcandy to create a collection of Roc Nation Aviator headphones.

The Aviator collection sports a fold-able design, a pair of 40mm full-range mylar drivers with neodymium magnets, an “optics-inspired” polycarbonate speaker housing, a tangle-free nylon cable with in-line mic and controls. The headphones are made of stainless steel, aluminum and polycarbonate and are available in three colors: white, black and brown. You can pick up the headphones exclusively on Skullcandy for $149.95.
5 minutes with model Lee

Jeans Urban Outfitter’s
1. Who is your favorite male model? Andre Brown & Brent Zackery (He’s in mostly every Macy’s ad that was ever marketed.)
2. What is your favorite must have fashion item? My Guess jeans
3. What do you wear on go sees? Guess jeans, nice semi-fitted shirt with color, either creative recreation kicks or dress shoes, and top it off with D&G cologne.
4. What’s your favorite gadget? PS3 all day baby!!!
5. What’s your Favorite restaurant? Qudoba or anything serving massive burritos
6. Favorite Grooming product? Purpose soap, if that counts…LOL!
7. Favorite music that gets you hype before a runway show? Cold Play
8. Favorite global destination to relax? Los Cabos, Mexico
9. Do you follow daily fitness program? Yes. After playing professional baseball for so long, staying fit is a habit now.
10. What are your plans for the future after modeling? I really am looking forward to acting. Just getting started but so far so good. Plans to finish my degree, managerial sciences aka Head Negro In Charge, at either Georgia State or Morehouse.
Height 6ft
Waist 32
Inseam 34
Neck 16
Arms 34
Suit 42L
Shoe 12
Signed or Unsigned? Signed in Atlanta/Carolinas. Unsigned everywhere else and in between
Race Black

via obvious mag
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