3 ingredients to avoid when selecting a facial moisturizer

A beautiful face doesn't just happen, it has to be nurtured.

The one key item that every man should have in their grooming kit says expert barber and grooming consultant Craig Whitely, a and frequent contributor to Men's Health magazine, is a face moisturizer.

"Your skin will love you for it, and so will your friends and co-workers," said Whitely. "Trust me; no one likes to look at a dry face."

With the growing assortment of new grooming products on the market for men deciding on a moisturizer for your face can be a bit overwhelming. While there are many good products in all price ranges by a variety of brands here are three ingredients Whitely suggest you should always, always, always avoid when shopping for a facial moisturizer.

Shea Butter – rich in fatty acids and vitamins like A, E and F; but, because it’s very thick, it’s better to use on the body and NOT the face.
Lanolin Oil – prone to aggravating acne.
Mineral Oil – creates a film on the skin which can trick your skin into thinking it’s actually hydrated. It’s also thick and clogs pores which may lead to breakouts.

Via "Craig the Barber"


  1. love the Style blog -one recommendation- change the color of the links- hard to read. This piece was especially useful- I need to step up this part of my game.

  2. Thanks for the tip. We'll work on it.


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