Cum Correct: Netflix & Chill Condoms

Everyone knows “Netflix and chill” is really just a pretense for a hot, lazy trip to the boneyard accompanied by the rousing sound of Fox Mulder in an impassioned shouting match with FBI Assistant Director Skinner for the eight millionth time.
Now, for the festive among us, “Netflix and chill” condoms are available to bring the thematic coordination of a 4-year-old’s “Dora the Explorer” birthday party to the act of casual sex.
Interested parties have three options available in the current condom marketplace:
1. A 4-pack of the contraceptives is available at for $9.99.
2. Say It With a Condom makes a Netfl!x And Chill Condom with boxier packaging and competitive pricing.
3. Finally, ballers who don’t mind spending $12 on a 3-pack of prophylactics can order from NF and Chill.
Order those condoms, folks, and make your next transparent attempt to get the goodies even more obvious.
Nike Foamposite Olive

Built to last, the Nike Air Foamposite One quickly transcended its original purpose, with this ‘Olive’ iteration which released Saturday, September 26.  The new shoe takes a classic sneaker and gives it a workbook feel.
Going from the hardwood to the pavement, the rugged sneaker is now prepared for the season in natural tones and classic materials. For this edition, olive green suede combines with boot-inspired elements such as hexagonal metal eyelets and herringbone heel pull, finished with a traditional gum rubber sole and signature ‘cent’ branding.
2 Loafers You Can't Go Wrong With

Loafers are having a bit of renaissance now, but to be honest, they're about as timeless as footwear gets. The trick to mastering the loafer game is to find a style that suits the rest of your look, and making sure your pants are cut to the right length and taper. If you nail those two details, you can't really go wrong.  

With that said, here are our favorites:

The tassel loafer is a classic old English style that has long been known as an American preppy shoe. Its currently a style that is having its moment and Scott is our version, to be worn with anything from jeans to suit.

Scott loafers ($420) by Grenson,

The Penny Loafer are probably the best all-rounders (especially in oxblood leather), but each style has its merits; horsebits are good for an Ivy-League vibe, moccasins are just the ticket for a drive down to Monaco, and tassel loafers look great with a three-piece master-of-the-universe suit.
Classic beefroll Weejuns ($128) by G.H. Bass & Co.,
3 Easy To Make Cocktails for Labor Day

Labor Day, by definition, is a day we’re not supposed to do any work. That’s what makes it one of our favorite days of the year, and that’s also why the below cocktail recipes are exceedingly easy. No infusions, no housemade syrups, no muddling or even shaking. Everything you see below can be whipped up with just a couple ingredients and minimal effort. Because Labor Day is chiefly meant for relaxing in a hammock. And maybe some grilling. But mostly the hammock.
It’s tall, it’s refreshing, and it’s scotch. That’s a winning combo.
2 oz scotch
ginger ale
club soda
Add scotch to an ice-filled Collins glass. Top with equal measures of ginger ale and club soda. 
Tequila is always festive, so we like to break it out on holidays.
2 oz blanco tequila
.5 oz fresh lime
grapefruit soda
Add tequila and lime to an ice-filled Collins glass. Top with grapefruit soda and stir with your straw. Adding a pinch of salt is nice, too.
Yes, the classic two-part gin drink is incredibly simple. But damn if it isn’t a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon. Plus, you can dress up your G&T with a variety of fragrant garnishes like orange and grapefruit peels, rosemary or mint.
3 parts gin
1 part tonic
Garnish of choice

3-in-1 Lens Upgrades phone to high-end Camera

You can now build your own efficient camera from your iPhone by using this 3-in-1 Clip-on Lens. The set consists of 3 lens you can switch from time to time. These include a 180°Fisheye, macro, and wide angle. The fisheye will help you to capture 180 degrees of scene while the macro comes real handy to take clear photos of extremely tiny objects. The wide angle, on the other hand, will help you take wider range of scenery. All together they make a wonderful combination of lens your iPhone camera can make good use of. They are compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These lens have an aluminum shell and are provided with a multi coated optical glass. They come in a soft bag and will be easy to travel with. Ready to enhance your mobile photography skills?
Bicep Buster Workout Helps Promotes Arm Growth

Who wants big arms? No, no… let me rephrase that, who wants HUGE arms?! If you yelled “Me!” in your head as ecstatically as I think you did then this piece is for you my friend.

It’s no secret that when speaking about optimizing arm growth, curls are king time and time again – there is indeed many ways you can incorporate curls into your training but at the end of the day you’re still just curling. One of the most overlooked yet effective variations of curls in my opinion is the Barbell Spider Curl, why? Because when performing this type of curl in combination with heavy weight and high repetition, you’re hitting the long head of the bicep so efficiently with the stretch that it has no choice BUT to grow. The long head of the bicep is responsible for overall mass so if your arms are a little on the slender side I’d suggest adding this bad boy into the mix pronto. I’ve seen people use the preacher pad when barbell spider curling but I’d rather you use an incline bench so you can get more of a stretch at the lowest point of the exercise. Now, if you’re training alone, getting into position may be a wee bit of a hassle but it isn’t impossible especially when using a barbell. With that being said, this is definitely a move I recommend you begin with a weight you can at least 90% control before climbing up that ego ladder. BSCs was a normality for me on arm days for a long time before I took them out for whatever reason, recently I’ve returned to them and am now relishing in their gun loading glory. Below is my itinerary suggestion to you set and rep wise so write it down, try it out and when your arms no longer fit into that form fitting V-neck you come back and thank me.
 The Barbell Spider Curls workout:
1s x 12 reps
1s x 10 reps
1s x 10 reps
Weight used: About 75-80% of your overall curl max
Rest time: No more than 45 seconds in-between each set

Additional notes: When you curl the bar and it meets optimal height, flex your biceps to jampack as much blood into them as possible and connect with the contraction more so.
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