Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's Autumn and Time to Dress Like a Grownup, Again

A man can get away with more boyish dress in the summer months as the ladies forgive shorts, t-shirts, sandals and such due to the heat. But, we’re post Labor Day now. Not only can you traditionally no longer wear white until Memorial Day, you can’t dress like a grammar school kid or shipwreck survivor anymore.

Autumn and winter offer an opportunity to show off some personal style. The seasons demand you grow your wardrobe up some. As always, the bottom line with men’s fashion — and the women we’re dressing up to attract in the first place — is to show up seeming as though you give a damn what you look like. Consider autumn an opportunity. Rather than weep and moan over the throwback 80s Jams, Crocs and tie dye wife beater you have to pack away burn because the leaves are falling, imagine the looks you can put together from smart to sophisticated to rugged in the Fall.
We’ll go over some autumn fashion tips from head to toe (literally) with ideas on how to evolve your style.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Brands/Designers are Taking their Cues from the Streets

Backpacks. Bomber jackets. Bucket hats.  It's apparent that the Nineties have made a strong comeback -- and with it, a wave of streetwear nostalgia.

Everyone from megabrands such as Nike, Adidas, and Timnberland, to traditional labels such as Brooksbothers and up-and-coming designers like Off-White tapping into its aesthetic.  Its resurgence, both in terms of fashion influence stems from from a variety of factors, including the growing importance of Generation Z consumers; the  boom in activewear as everyday apparel.

So large is the boom, that it is increasingly becoming more and more segmented.  No longer is there one look; instead, streetwear ranges from urban Goths to the skate and surfer market to new-era grunge and lung, and finally, hip-hop.   Because of social media and the Web, all of these underground subcultures are now accessible to the public.

Fashion has always been driven by the streets, but with the web, the impact is seemingly more immediate.  With the web style is "in your face" and the bar to becoming a designer and having access to a large audience is only a few mouse clicks away.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cadillac ATS Coupe pushes style and pace

If you haven’t noticed, Cadillac has undergone something of a renaissance over the past couple of years. The brand’s edgy “Art and Science” design language has finally matured and created one of the most distinctive range of luxury cars, with the CTS and XTS sedans as prime examples of Caddy’s bold (though not over-the-top) new era.

On a smaller scale is the ATS, the Cadillac brand’s entry-level luxury sedan.  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

5 Awesome Features the iPhone 6 is Rumored to Have

If all the rumors and speculation are to believed, the wait for a new iPhone is almost over, with a planned September 9 event that will likely mark the unveiling of the fabled iPhone 6.

Just like unicorns or Tupac, we can’t be absolutely sure what features the new iPhone 6 will have. But the rumors have been flying thick and fast, and expectations are high. Here are some of features strongly rumored to be on the new iPhone 6.

A Model With a Bigger Screen.

Some Apple critics have compared the iPhone 5’s puny 4-inch screen unfavorably to Samsung’s flagship phones, like the Galaxy S5, which has a 5.1-inch screen. The iPhone 6 is expected to silence the complainers, with one iPhone 6 model rumored

Monday, August 18, 2014

John Legend Says ‘Black And Brown People Are Just Treated Differently In This Country’

Typically, when celebrities speak out about major political issues, they come off as uninformed and unqualified to talk about the given subject. But that was not the case with John Legend this past weekend.
At a performance in Santa Monica, California this past Friday, Legend spoke about the situation in Ferguson and the racism that still runs rampant in America.
Legend also gave some much needed historical context to the terrible events that are unfolding in Ferguson, and those that continue to plague our nation.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

After months of speculation, Samsung officially unveiled their  new phone the Galaxy Alpha phone.  The Alpha is believed to be a mid-range smartphone that  for the first time brings a metal chassis to the Samsung line up.  
The Alpha weighs in at 115 grams, and comes with a 4.7 inch /1280 x 720 super AMOLED display.

Samsung says this is one of its slimmest devices to date at less than 7 millimeters thick.
Inside its powered by an Exynos octacore processor at Quad 1.8GHz + Quad 1.3 GHz, includes a 2GB RAM with 32GB internal storage, and a fingerprint sensor among many others. Take pictures with its 12MP rear camera and the 2.1MP for


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